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Learn the modern-classic yoyo trick the Green Triangle Laceration, also known as Brent Stole. 

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GT Laceration AKA Brent Stole Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Green Triangle Laceration, or Brent Stole. Here’s what it looks like.

This trick is very similar to the Hook except instead of whipping two strings around your finger like in the Hook, you are only going to whip one string. What that allows you to do, is the extra string segment comes around and whips the back of the yoyo to form the Green Triangle.

As you are learning this trick you want to make sure that your string tension is good. This is going to help out a lot. When you actually break down the whip itself you can see that there is going to be some slack that comes behind the yoyo. This is really important for the trick. The next part is, while that slack is spinning around, you want to take the string that is connected to your yoyo hand and push forward hitting the slack. What that is going to cause is the string, the slack, is going to fold over the string from your yoyo hand causing that Green Triangle to form. One thing that is really important is that as you are pushing into that string, you want to make sure that the string from your yoyo hand is directly over the gap of the yoyo and that will make sure that the triangle is formed correctly.

To dismount all you want to do is pop the yoyo out the front of the triangle and that will land you right into a trapeze. You can just bring it back to your hand.

One of the cool things about Green Triangle Laceration is you can actually do a double and a triple whip with it. So really you can just keep the slack spinning around the yoyo and then move in with your hand to intercept that string. Whenever you feel comfortable with it you can just come right in and intercept it and go into a green triangle. Yeah, it is just one of those things when you get better at the trick you can just learn.

This trick is really tough, it takes a long time to master but once you get it, it is a really awesome trick. That was the Green Triangle Laceration, or the Brent Stole.

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