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Craft Yoyos is all about helping small, boutique yoyo brands stand out and promote their products. Every company and every yoyo listed under the Craft Yoyos banner is a start up company or a small company dedicated to boutique yoyos.

These companies have harnessed the craft of making yoyos to bring unique and amazing products to the market. By shopping for craft yoyos you help support these companies the best way possible.

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Hand Crafted Goodness

From boutique yoyo companies.

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MK1 Yoyos

A foray into experimental yoyo design, MK 1 yoyos was founded by Mark Diehr in 2018. MK1 Yoyos has a few designs under their belt, and were the first to join our lineup of Craft Yoyo companies with the launch of the Exia Yoyo.

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Thesis Yoyos

Thesisyoyos was founded by Shivum Berry in 2017 upon a desire to bring a greater emphasis on presentation to the yoyo scene. Thesis invested into minimalist designs, premium packaging, and accessories to optimize the experience of receiving a yoyo. First impressions matter a lot to Shivum and Thesis is here to impress.

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See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Dressel Designs.

Dressel Designs

We promise, it isn't just because of the Pokemon inspired yoyo the Kanto that we started carrying throws Dressel Designs, although that may have swayed us a little. Yoyos from Dressel Designs are unique and refreshing, and they still have amazing playability!

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See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company ilinx.


"ilinx" is the Greek word for whirlpool. Recently adopted by game theorists and sociologists, ilinx describes a form of play that is based in physical self disorientation. When studied and practiced, this form of play can induce a state of mind known as "flow". You may know flow as the feeling you get when you breeze through a test that you studied for all week, when you play a song just right for the first time, or when you score that seemingly impossible goal. Flow occurs when your skill level and the difficulty level of your task are equal; flow is the moment that your abilities break new ground on your limits. Skill-toys are flow generators as there is always something new to practice and master.

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Few and Far Between Yoyos

When Few and Far Between yoyos made their first yoyo, we knew we wanted to carry them as part of the Craft Yoyo lineup, but it didn't work it out. We're happy to announce now, that we with the launch of their yoyo The Vow, we're finally able to add them to the lineup and hope to continue listing their unique, amazing designs for many yoyos to come!

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See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Few and Far Between.
See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Guy With A Yoyo.

Guy With A Yoyo (GWAY) Throws

Guy With A Yoyo was a company not even on our radar that reached out to us to carry their yoyo the Daredevil. Featuring up-and-coming companies is what Craft Yoyos is all about, so we took a chance and have no regrets! GWAY makes some amazing throws and tops them off with sleek and interesting packaging. Truly unique in a lot of ways.

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Throw Spiral

We came across the boutique yoyo brand, Throw Spiral, by way of MK1 during the launch of the MK1 x Spiral yoyo the Sliver. And we couldn't be happier. Throw Spiral, brings unique designs and aesthetics to yoyos that anyone would be please to add to their collection. It may just be us, or the manga flare, but we're confident you'll love these throws!

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See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Throw Spiral.
See all the string from the boutique yoyo string company ZipLine Yoyo Strings.

ZipLine Strings

What could make a Craft Yoyo better? Craft Yoyo Strings. ZipLine Strings is the first boutique yoyo string brand that have featured in our Craft Yoyo lineup. Boutique yoyo string blends, like you've never used.

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Zero Gravity Return Tops

ZGRT approached us in early 2022 with their El MiJo model. It was an incredibly unique design, something we had never carried before from a company we had never worked with...we took a chance anyways and were incredibly pleased. Zero Gravity Return Tops is doing experimental and boutique designs right! Creative and innovative.

See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Zero Gravity Return Tops.
See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Motion.


So, what’s the point of Motion YoYo? To start a YoYo company that focuses not only on the playability of a YoYo but also the aesthetics. I can say with all certainty that if a YoYo doesn’t jive with you by the way it looks and feels, it probably won’t find its way into your hands as often as it should.

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Lathed Back Design

Back in 2019 along side my wife we set out on a journey of creating toys, modifying others and saving broken ones as well as the memories that go with them … all with the goal of seeing people smile and knowing that what we create can help bring happiness into the world. Several months later unfortunately everything was taken away from us in a tragic house fire, luckily we all made it out which is the only thing that really matters. Over the last few years we have strived and spent every minute rebuilding our lives and trying to get back to anything that we can call normal these days. Finally we are here and ready to show our creativity to the world, to bring you products that can help put a smile on your face even when you are at the darkest point of your life … we know there are always silver linings.

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See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Lathed Back Design.
See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Rain City Skills.

Rain City Skills

Specializing in the odd and unusual in yoyos and begleri!

The lineup from Rain City Skills

B-Grade Yoyos

"Better than the Name Implies" these are "Better" Grade yoyos. Whatever I bring to production will absolutely exceed the quality and play that I have felt in most of my old collection, (with one boutique company excluded from that) and those who are willing to take a chance on this small startup will be pleasantly surprised with how good a REAL B-Grade Yo-Yo can be. To most, B-Grade means "Seconds quality" or "Not up to par," but for us, B-Grade means we are putting out the BEST.

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See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company B-Grade Yoyo.
See all the products from the boutique yoyo company Dedhed Designs.

Dedhed Designs

You've heard of string companies and boutique yoyo companies, but what about a boutique counterweight company? Introducing, Dedhed Designs!

See the Dedhed Designs lineup!

Turner Return Tops

A new company in the mix, a fresh launch in 2022, Turner Return Tops brings enthusiasts their take and exploration on yoyos.

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See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Turner Return Tops.

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Strive to provide better profit margins to boutique yoyo companies

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