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Craft Yoyos is all about helping small, boutique yoyo brands stand out and promote their products. Every company and every yoyo listed under the Craft Yoyos banner is a start up company or a small company dedicated to boutique yoyos.

These companies have harnessed the craft of making yoyos to bring unique and amazing products to the market. By shopping for craft yoyos you help support these companies the best way possible.

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Hand Crafted Goodness

From boutique yoyo companies.

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MK1 Yoyos

A foray into experimental yoyo design, MK 1 yoyos was founded by Mark Diehr in 2018. MK1 Yoyos has a few designs under their belt, and were the first to join our lineup of Craft Yoyo companies with the launch of the Exia Yoyo.

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Thesis Yoyos

Thesisyoyos was founded by Shivum Berry in 2017 upon a desire to bring a greater emphasis on presentation to the yoyo scene. Thesis invested into minimalist designs, premium packaging, and accessories to optimize the experience of receiving a yoyo. First impressions matter a lot to Shivum and Thesis is here to impress.

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Hand made, fixed axle wooden yoyos reimagined in a modern way. If you are looking for fixed axle yoyos, or just some unique, TMBR is the brand to shop.


ZipLine Strings

What could make a Craft Yoyo better? Craft Yoyo Strings. ZipLine Strings is the first boutique yoyo string brand that have featured in our Craft Yoyo lineup. Boutique yoyo string blends, like you've never used.

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See all the yoyos from the boutique yoyo company Throwing Sideways.

Why Shop Craft Yoyos?

Shopping Craft Yoyos, on, helps support small companies. As part of our Craft Yoyos program we:

Help market and promote products
Offer help on design, development, and manufacturing
Strive to provide better profit margins to boutique yoyo companies

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Shop Craft Yoyos - Hand crafted goodness.

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