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Learn the yoyo trick Calypso, which adds finger grinds to the trick Kwyjibo.

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Calypso Yoyo Trick
In this video, I am going to teach you how to do the trick Calypso. It looks like this:

Calypso is basically just Kwyjibo with Finger Grinds. Both kwyjibo and finger grinds are very fundamental tricks to yoyo, so if you have not learned them already, go back and learn them. You are going to have a ton of fun.

Calypso starts with a Trapeze. Then we are going to hop the yoyo straight up and land it on our throwhand pointer finger, in a finger grind. Then hop up again and cross your arms. Land the yoyo into a cross-armed 1.5 mount. Just like in Kwyjibo. Then, uncross your arms and bring your opposite hand over your throwhand. Then we want to take the bottom three fingers on our opposite hand, bring it into the mount and grab this bottom string. Then take out opposite hand pointer finger and point it up, just like if we were matching the angle with a throwhand finger grind. Then hop the yoyo up and land it on your opposite hand pointer finger. Hop it up again. Bring your opposite hand over your throwhand and land right back in a Double or Nothing. Then you can unroll.

Those grinds can be a little bit tricky to hit, so I have got some tips for you. First things first, if you are having any difficulty keeping the yoyo straight on your finger while you are doing finger grinds, you are definitely going to want to follow all the tips in our finger grind video. But for this trick specifically, if you are finding you are having a hard time hitting the 1.5 mount after the first finger grind, you want to make sure that the string leading directly to the yoyo is on the inside of your throwhand pointer finger, not to the outside. If it is to the outside, when you go to cross your arms, there is just going to be no string there for your pointer finger to touch. Now, for the second grind, you really want to make sure that your opposite hand pointer finger is at the right angle. I find that when I was first learning this trick, I tended to have my finger like this so that the yoyo would just roll right off. So you really want to try to match the same angle that you used for the first finger grind of the trick. That is going to help you kind of remember where you need to keep your finger so that you can successfully go into the Double or Nothing.

Now, we can incorporate the concepts that we learned in Calypso into other tricks and combos by sneaking in a quick finger grind. So, for example, we can perform Calypso. Then from here, we can quickly do Cold Fusion. Then right at the end of Cold Fusion as you are dismounting, sneak in a cheeky finger grind, and bam, you just made a combo. And that is Calypso.

Arrrrrrrrgh mateys, when you are plundering the high seas, do not forget to bring your flint lock pistols in case you run into Calypso. Bang! Bang! bang bang bang bang bang… Alright, delete that.

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