Skill Toy Club Program

Get rewards for your club and access to exclusive deals!

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Learn How to Yoyo with the YoTricks Ethos

Members Shop. Clubs Earn. Everyone Wins.

Club members shop using your club's exclusive affiliate URL and
Your club earns 10% store credit for every purchase.
Your club can redeem that credit anything on our store including exclusive club packs.

What's Included

1) Earn 10% store credit every time a club member shops.
2) Access to exclusive affiliate area and reports.
3) Redeem store credit for items including exclusive club packs.
4) Get your club information publicly listed on our website and Discord server.
5) Future access to exclusive content to help you build, run, and manage a yoyo club.

What Can A Club Use Purchases For?

The intent is that the club uses purchases for the club. This would include (but is not limited to) uses items
for club prizes/giveaways, as loans to new members, as dedicated club items (such as club maintenance items, etc), and for any other club activity.
The program is not intended to provide an avenue for individuals to purchases items from our store for personal use at a discount.

Mobile App

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yoyo from anywhere in the world.

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