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Learn how to do the Green Revolution yoyo trick.

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Green Revolution Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Green Revolution. It looks like this.

Just like that. Green Revolution, when you do the trick, you are going to start with a reverse flip. What that is going to do, is it’s going to give you the momentum to toss the yoyo up. All you are going to do is, while the yoyo is up in the air, you are going to push your yoyo hand into that string and then catch the yoyo on the string.

The way that I did it right here, it actually ends up it is actually in a One-and-a-Half-Mount, (actually it is a Hydrogen Mount – which is technically a One-and-a-Half-Mount, just in a different setup) which is not a bad way to practice the trick. I’ll show you what I mean. You are going to push it up, push forward, and you are going to catch the yoyo, when you are practicing, you are going to catch the yoyo on that inside string. If you were to pinch the string here and do your Revolutions, which again, you can use to practice the trick, when you end it, it is going to end in a One-and-a-Half-Mount, which is not what you want. You want it to end in a Green Triangle.

What you can do, to make that Green Triangle happen, is, instead of landing that yoyo on the inside string, what you are going to do, is insert your thumb down here at the bottom while the yoyo is up in the air, and you are going to twist to the inside like this. You are actually going to land the yoyo on the same string, but it’s now on the outside, and you are going to land it right where that twist is. If you pull out your finder on your yoyo hand you can see that now you are in a Green Triangle. This Green Triangle, you are going to get out by popping it to the outside. That is how you complete the trick.

The key is getting your thumb in and twisting the string back and landing it on the right spot while the yoyo is still up in the air. I’ll show you what that looks like. You are just going to do your Reverse Flip, toss it up, catch it on that string. You are going to pinch it and you are going to let the string go with this hand, and then you are going to do your Revolutions. Start to the outside and then go in. Right now the yoyo is in a Green Triangle configuration, which means if I were to let the string go it would get into a knot.

To compete the trick, you want to stop the Revolution on the outside. Then you are going to let the string off this hand right here. That puts you into that Green Triangle. Ideally you want to do all… you want to drop the string off your hand as soon as you let go of the Green Triangle in the Revolution. You are going to pinch it, do your Revolution,  then as you are catching it you are going to let it go and then it will just fall into that Green Triangle.

You don’t want there to be any stopping in the trick, when you actually do it, it is just going to be one smooth flow. You go up, cross your hands, catch it, as soon as it hits the string you go into your Revolutions, let it go, catch the yoyo. Then you are just going to toss it to the outside, you are going to dip, kind of back and around with your finger and that will get all the twists out. Land it back on the Trapeze. Then you can just bring it back to your hand.

That is Green Revolution.

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