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Learn the Gyroscopic Flop variation, Saturn Flop.

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Saturn Flop Yoyo Trick
This is the Saturn Flop, it looks like this.

This trick starts with a gyro flop from a slack kamikaze mount, so make sure you check out those two videos on our channel and familiarize yourself with those tricks. After you’re in your gyro flop you’re going to pull your yoyo so it makes a one quarter turn not a complete gyro flop, just a one quarter turn. And you’ll notice that I’ll start to ease my hands up, and that will allow my yoyo to spin on this plane, spin horizontally, like this, for a little bit longer than if my hands were pulled apart and I was tensioning the string against the bearing inside the yoyo.

So once again, I’m going to get into my gyro flop. Once you’re comfortable with holding your yoyo in this horizontal position leading with my throw hand I’m going to make one half turn around the yoyo and then another half turn and if you’ll notice with every turn of my hands each hand is flipping position. What I mean by that is that if you look at my throw hand, we’re going to lead with the throw hand. It starts off and it’s on top right now, as I make my other rotation now my non throw hand is on top.

Throw hand is on top, non throw hand is on top.

The reason you want to change positions with your hands as you’re orbiting around the yoyo is that the string will wind around the yoyo, it’ll twist up if you do the same orbit over and over again. So I’m going to do a couple of the same orbits and if you look at my string now, it’s all twisted up around the one side of the yoyo. The really beautiful part about this trick is that as you perform every orbit it’s actually undoing that twist so that after you complete the trick, you can just finish your flop and then exit your trick normally.

So some problems, the big problem that people have with this trick is the unpredictability of where the yoyo is going to spin on the plane meaning like which angle it’s going to spin at. So in a perfect world your yoyo would spin perfectly horizontal and flat like this, and that would make it easy to wrap your hands around it, but as you just saw me moving my hands, my elbows go all over the place, my shoulders move, and that’s going to change the direction of plane in which your yoyo is spinning. So you have to adapt to whatever plane your yoyo is on. So whether or not it’s to the left or the right, again, so if your yoyo is spinning perfectly horizontally you’re going perfectly around it like this, but say it’s tilted to this way, you wanna adjust your arms to rotate or orbit around the yoyo in this direction, or vise versa if your yoyo moves in this direction.

The last tip is you want to make sure that you have a very hard throw when you’re doing the Saturn Flop because the faster your yoyo spins, the longer it will want to stay on plane it is on for see I just threw it really hard and it just kind naturally stayed there. If you have a really lackluster throw and it’s not really spinning that fast, as soon as you go to flop your yoyo and the string touch it, it’s automatically going to want to recenter itself and spin on an even plane that it’s used it. So you’re going to want to make sure again to make sure you’re throwing really hard so that way your yoyo can spin for as long as it can on that sideways plane.

And that was the Saturn Flop.

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