Lucas B.

Name: Lucas Blackburn
YoYoing Since: 2008
Joined The King’s Yomen In: 2008
Favorite Trick: Revolutions

How did you get started yoyoing?
When i was younger I remember seeing The King’s Yomen show at my church and thinking “wow, I could never do anything like that.” Growing up I became better friends with Brian Duncan and he showed me some yoyo tricks from that point I was hooked and I challenged what I had said when I was younger and the rest is history.

What was the first yoyo you learned with?
The first yoyo I learned with was the Duncan Freehand Zero, which I still use today!

What do you do besides yoyo?
Right now I am currently preparing myself for the Airforce. Im also coaching Lacrosse on the side. I always play video games when I find the time and most recently started playing some guitar.