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  • What are 2A Two-Handed Yoyo Tricks?

    2A, or Two-Handed Yoyoing, is the antithesis to 1A style yoyoing. Unlike 1A string tricks, 2A yoyo tricks never land on the string. Instead, they usually involve repetitive motions like looping. While ultimately two yoyos will be used at one time in this style, it is a good idea to learn these looping tricks one hand at a time.

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  • How can I learn to yoyo with two hands?

    Once you have mastered a trick with one hand, learning it on your opposite hand is like starting from scratch. Some feel their opposite hand is not as capable of learning tricks, which is not true, but it can take more time. Finally, when doing tricks with both hands you will feel like you’re starting over again, but with enough time and patience anyone can learn two-handed tricks.

    Learn Two-Handed Tricks

  • What is the best yoyo for learning 2A yoyo tricks?

    The Oracle Yoyo is designed for those just beginning their journey into 2A yoyo tricks. It loops consistently and sleeps surprisingly well for a 2A yoyo. It also costs less than half of some other 2A yoyos, so getting two won’t break the bank. In the Oracle Two-Handed Kit we have also included lube, strings, and finger wrap for optimal play.

  • What are 3A Yoyo Tricks?

    3A style yoyoing is basically just 1A (String Tricks) with two yoyos, one in each hand. While 3A yoyo tricks look intimidating at first, once you have a few tricks under your belt it becomes increasingly addictive and exciting to learn.

  • What are the best yoyos for learning 3A yoyo tricks?

    As in 1A, metal yoyos will typically outperform plastic for 3A. For players new to the style, however, we recommend using two (identical) plastic yoyos because plastic can handle more collisions than metal (and there will be lots of collisions). The Replay Pro is a high performing plastic yoyo making it the ideal candidate for learning 3A.

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3A Yoyo Tricks

  • What are 4A Offstring Yoyo Tricks?

    4A yoyo tricks, also called Offstring Yoyo Tricks, are tricks where the yoyo comes off the string. 4A is an exciting style, great for performing and showing off. With the right yoyo, offstring tricks can also be some of the easiest tricks to learn.

  • What is the best yoyo for learning 4A yoyo tricks?

    The Flight Yoyo is the best performing offstring yoyo we carry for the full range of offstring tricks. It is just the right size to make tricks easy to learn for beginners, but not so large that it makes intricate tech tricks overly challenging. It is also the longest spinning offstring yoyo we have ever used, making tricks easier to learn and execute. At just $24.99, anyone interested in 4A style should take this opportunity to get in the game!

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