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Learn how to do three open mount slack binds with an unresponsive 1A yoyo.

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Three Open Mount Slack Binds Yoyo Trick
In this video, we are going to be showing you three open mount slack binds. The first one is the basic one, and it looks like this. The second one is the Slap bind, and the third one is the Ripcord bind. If you have not seen our Bind Theory video, make sure you go and check that out because it has a lot of key elements, just in binds in general that is going to make learning these a lot easier. So let us take a look at the first one.

In order to do this one, you are going to go into the motion like you are doing a Double or Nothing, but instead of swinging the yoyo over your non throwhand finger, you are going to place the string over your non throwhand finger, like so. Then from here, you are going to take the strings and kind of push them to the back of your finger. That way, they are all lined up and going to be easy to push underneath the yoyo. You will see that I have this loop around my index finger. This is what is going to form the tail of the bind. So, the trick to all of these is making sure that there is a string on top of the gap of the yoyo, and you are pushing the tail underneath the bottom of the gap of the yoyo. So you will see here the string that is connected to our throwhand middle finger right here, is the string that is  going to be on the top of the gap. What we are going to do is use our non throwhand finger to push that tail underneath the yoyo, bringing the yoyo back to your hand.

The second version is the slap bind. To do this one, you are going to be pulling the yoyo up while bringing the string on top of the yoyo and simultaneously pushing that tail underneath. The best way to practice this one is just to first practice popping the yoyo up and doing a laceration movement. So you are going to pop the yoyo up and just kind of stick your wrist out in the way to stop that slack from going over. Use this to practice placing the string on top of the gap of the yoyo like so. Then once you are comfortable doing that, you can simply take your hand, and push that slack underneath the yoyo. You want to make sure that you are pushing it straight underneath, because if you get only of those strings into the gap, you might make an axle knot and get kind of twisted up.

Now, the third variation is the ripcord bind. This one is a lot harder, but as you see, you are still using that same motion where you are pushing the tail underneath. To do this one, you are going to start in a 1.5 mount and swing the yoyo over your non throwhand index finger. So, once you are in this mount, you will notice that there is no string directly above the gap of the yoyo, like in the other two binds from this video. So, what you need to do is you are going to be taking your non throwhand index finger and you are going to be rotating it around the yoyo twice. What this does is, the first rotation brings the string connected to your throwhand on top of the yoyo so that way you can bind into it. The second rotation brings the slack underneath the yoyo. Now, to do this trick, what you want to do is you want to pop the yoyo up a little bit. That way, it is suspended in the air a little bit longer so you have enough time to rotate your non throwhand index finger around the yoyo twice. As you are doing that, you are going to be letting go of the slack on your throwhand index finger. Once that happens, then it is suspended, you bring your finger around the yoyo twice and the string goes into the gap, as you see, and binds back up.

Now, this bind is pretty tricky. If you are finding yourself having some difficulties or going into an undermount on accident a lot, you want to be making sure that your hands are close together. If you make your hands too far apart when you are doing this, you will see the slack goes away, and that second rotation causes you to go into an undermount. This also happens a lot if you are htting the tail of the bind on your throwhand wrist, because that will also make it go away and go into an undermount on accident as well. Another helpful trick is to curl your index finger inward on that first rotation. Then re-extend it on the second one. What that does, it helps align the string a little bit better, and gives you a little bit cleaner of a bind. So, use those tips and trick, and practice all three binds, and those are your Open Mount Slack Binds.

Hey guys, my name is Cory. Thanks for learning with my today. If you want to check out some more tricks and tutorials, you can go and click over here. If you want to buy some really awesome yoyos including the one I used today, the Canon yoyo, you can go ahead and purchase that here on our website. Also you can join us on Patreon for some coupon codes and behind the scenes footage at Patreon.com/YoTricks. Thanks guys!

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