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Learn how to do the Rewind Yoyo Trick.

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Rewind Yoyo Trick
This is the trick Rewind, and it looks like this.

Just like that. Amongst those mounts you are going to be doing Man on the Flying Trapeze and His Brother, and Double or Nothing. If you have not learned from those videos, go check them out. We are going to be starting with a Trapeze, swinging over into a Trapeze and His Brother, swinging all the way around into a Double or Nothing, and then what is essentially a Double or Nothing and His Brother, and then lastly we are going to hit a Triple or Nothing.

Once we hit the Triple of Nothing we are essentially going to be doing what we do with the Double or Nothing Dismount. We are going to drop the strings off our yoyo hand and then we are going to swing the yoyo into a Trapeze and then we will dismount. In a Triple or Nothing we are going to swing twice instead of once.

There are a few takeaways to take from this trick. Number one, you are going to be learning to really get a lot of spin out of your Breakaway. You will need to be able to learn how to throw hard and to keep everything on plane. The next thing is you are going to have to learn how to maneuver the strings on your fingers as you are getting in and out many different mounts. In this trick in particular, you are going to need to make sure you hit just the outside of every-single mount. So whichever finger you try to land on you want to try to make sure that the rest of the strings on that finger are on the back-side of your finger.

One last takeaway is that whenever you go for any of these mounts and things like that, you want to make sure that you always use your index fingers, and keep them outstretched the entire time during the trick. You will only be using your index fingers, except when you will be using the middle finger of your opposite hand to help with the two Brother mounts, like so. You will let it fall off your index finger and let it hit the middle finger to hit the Brother mount, then from the Double or Nothing you will let it fall off the index finger and hit the Brother mount from the Double or Nothing using your middle finger.

One other take away of making sure not to curl your index fingers in is you will be tempted from both of the Brother mounts to curl in your index finger and hit what looks like a Double or Nothing, but it won’t quite be that, so make sure that on each of the Brother mounts that you will dismount from the Brother and let it fall completely off your hand and then swing it and extra time to get into the next mount. You can do that with the Trapeze and Brother, swing completely around to a Double or Nothing. Also from the Brother Mount into Double or Nothing, make sure it falls off your hand and swing it around an extra time and hit the triple or nothing.

Other than that, that is the trick Rewind.

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