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Learn the Vanish Grind Yoyo Trick.

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Vanish Grind Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you the trick Vanish Grind, and it looks like this.

Vanish Grind was taught to us by Will Freeman on Patreon. If you would like to get one of your tricks taught on our channel, check out patreon.com/YoTricks for more details. As you can probably tell, this trick is made up of two different tricks. The first one is, of course, the Finger Grind. The second one is Ninja Vanish. If you want to learn this trick it would be a big help if you go learn those two tricks first. Once you have mastered both of those tricks, this one should be pretty easy with just a couple of tips.

The first thing you want to do is get into your finger grind. Instead of just catching the yoyo on your finger, like normal, what you want to do is pop the yoyo into this string coming off of your yoyo finger, so that it rests on top of the yoyo as you do the grind.

One of the things that I like to do is, as I am dismounting the yoyo and preparing to set the yoyo up in the grind, I actually make sure that the string goes over all four fingers of my opposite hand. That sets me up to pinch the string and then complete the trick.

Once you have the string positioned properly, just like in Ninja Vanish, you do want to pinch the string between your thumb and first finger of your opposite hand. Really all you are doing – it’s pretty straight forward – you are just going to get the yoyo into a grind, perform a Ninja Vanish, and it will end up in a Green Triangle when you drop right out of the grind. But chances are the first couple of times you do this, it is not going to go so smooth, so I am just going to give you a little bit of direction to help you out.

The first thing that you are going to make sure to do is make sure that the string that is coming off your yoyo finger stays in the groove of the yoyo throughout the whole trick. One thing that might happen as you are doing the trick, is if you whip the string right out of the groove, then when you fall down into the string it is going to end up in this kind of twisted Trapeze, right here. If that is happening to you, most likely you removed that string from the gap, and you don’t want to do that.

What you do want to do is you just want to whip the string coming off of the front of your opposite hand around the back and then underneath the yoyo. That sets you up for the Green Triangle, because it doesn’t remove the string from the groove of the yoyo on top that is coming off of your yoyo finger.

The other thing that you are going to want to pay attention to as you do this trick, is just the whipping motion. What you want to do is, like a lot of grinds, you are going to start with your palm up, pinch the string, then you are going to move your hand toward the yoyo while you face your palm down. Like we said, there are a lot of different whips that use that same flipping motion, that seems to get a lot of action out of the string.

The other thing that can help, and you may have noticed me doing that in the last shot is I am moving my hand pretty close to the yoyo, and that actually allows me to control the string a little bit better, get the string to go where I want it to go. But, if your hand gets too close it might be hard to position the string that you just whipped directly underneath the yoyo. If that is happening you can just pull your hands apart a little bit, and that helps you to position the string better.

It may be obvious at this point, but having really good control of your finger grinds is going to make this trick a lot easier. Having a yoyo that is finger grinds is also gonna help quite a bit. Once you get that, all you need to do is work on your whipping motion, and you will have mastered the Vanish Grind.

Hey, Adam here from YoYoTricks.com. I really hope you enjoyed learning the trick Vanish Grind. If you would like to get the Atlas yoyo I used to teach the trick, it is always available on the site. While you are there definitely check out the Level Up! system. It is a great way to track your progress, and discover new tricks. As you are learning, if you ever run into any difficulties, definitely let us know and we will be sure to help you out. As always, thanks so much for watching.

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