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Shutter Yoyo

yotricks edition shutter yoyo yoyofactory
silver shutter yoyo yoyofactory
aqua shutter yoyo yoyofactory
blue shutter yoyo yoyofactory
pink shutter yoyo yoyofactory
yotricks edition shutter yoyo yoyofactory
black pink speckle shutter yoyo yoyofactory
violet shutter yoyo yoyofactory
red orange fade shutter yoyo yoyofactory
shutter pink purple fade yoyo yoyofactory
black silver speckle shutter yoyo
rose gold shutter yoyo
blue silver splash shutter yoyo
alien galaxy shutter yoyo
black silver fade silver ring shutter yoyo
blue silver aqua splash shutter yoyo
Recon-Shutter Wide Angle
Black Rainbow Splash Shutter Yoyo
Blue Rainbow Splash Shutter Yoyo

Cage Free String

cage free string 10 yellow
cage free string 100 yellow
cage free string 10 yellow
cage free string 100 white
cage free string 10 green
cage free string 100 green
Extra Long Cage Free Yoyo String - 10 Yellow
Extra Long Cage Free Yoyo String - 100 Yellow

Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads – optional

19mm blue response pads yoyofactory
10 Pairs of Blue Response Pads

Nylon Yoyo Gloves – optional


Chainmail Counterweight – optional

Merica-Chainmail-Counterweight 2

The Shutter Yoyo Players Pack is designed to help you setup for Shutter for competition level play with the Shutter Yoyo. This pack includes the peerless VIP bearing, the YoYoFactory Multitool to make removing bearings and cutting strings easy, Thin Yoyo Lube to keep your bearings playing great without wearing out, and Cage Free String, a high quality string made by

The Shutter is the signature yoyo of National and World Yoyo Champion Gentry Stein. This pack was designed to closely match the setup Gentry Stein uses when he competes with this yoyo.

The Shutter Yoyo Competition Pack includes:

  • The Shutter Yoyo
  • VIP Bearing – Plays ultra smooth and keep the string centered on the bearing for the most advanced play.
  • YoTricks Thin Yoyo Lube – Protects the bearing to help it last longer while still playing unresponsive.
  • 10 Cage Free Strings – High-quality and long lasting string, perfectly matched to the Shutter Yoyo.
  • YoYoFactory Multitool – Makes removing stubborn bearings easier, and conveniently cuts string. A must have for any serious yoyoer.

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Shutter Yoyo

Cage Free String

Blue YYF 19mm Slim Pads

Nylon Yoyo Gloves

Chainmail Counterweight

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