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Learn how to do the Schmidt Twist 1A yoyo trick.

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Schmidt Twist Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to do the Schmidt Twist, and this is what it looks like:

To start this trick, you are going to throw a Breakaway and then go right into a Double or Nothing. From here, you are going to turn your non throwhand palm to where it is facing upwards. Then you are going to curl your index finger around this front string right here. Now, you are going to slide these two back strings forward and off of your finger, to leave you in a mount that looks like this. You want to make sure that you turn your palm back to where it is facing down. From here, you are going to lift the yoyo up and rotate it around throwhand wrist on the outside where it goes forward to back, leaving you with this twist in the string right here. Now, you are going to take your non throwhand thumb and insert it into this loop right here, making sure that your palm is facing down and that your thumb is on the inside. Now you are going to spread your fingers open and bring them down below the yoyo. Then lowering the yoyo into the string that is going in between your two fingers. Next, you are going to drop the string that is on your throwhand index finger, which will leave you right here. Next thing you are going to do is take your throwhand and rotate it down and towards the non throwhand side of your body. Make sure that it stays in front of the yoyo. Now, you are going to drop the string on your non throwhand index finger, which will leave you in this Green Triangle. Then you are going to form a bucket by hooking this string coming from your throwhand with your middle finger and putting your thumb into the Green Triangle like this. Then you are going to perform one hop up and down. Then land on the front string and drop every string besides for the one that is on your middle finger. This will leave you in a Trapeze. And that is how you do the Schmidt Twist.

Hey guys, hope you had a blast learning the trick Schmidt Twist. Make sure to go check out to buy awesome yoyos like the Canon yoyo that I used in this video. Also go check out to gain access to exclusive behind the scenes content and even get coupons to our webstore. As always, keep throwing and never stop growing.

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