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Learn how to do Trapeze Follow, a slack string yoyo trick.

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Trapeze Follow Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Trapeze Follow. Here’s what it looks like.

This trick is pretty difficult, but when you break it down, it is actually pretty simple. So it starts off in a Trapeze. What you are going to do it pinch with your thumb and index finger. This is pretty important because you are going to be pinching and releasing this whole time. The string is never going to leave your finger.

What is going to happen, is, you are going to let the slack from the Trapeze mount, swing around with your yoyo hand. As that is going around you want to swing the yoyo around with your non-yoyo hand. It is the same pinch and release motion from Follow that you learned previously. It is exactly the same. When the slack is going over the top you are going to want to hold the pinch. When the yoyo comes around, release that pinch.

The hardest part of the trick is the pinching movement with your index and thumb. You can see here, there are two things going on. You don’t want the yoyo to catch up with the slack, and there is a rhythm that you want to keep up with pinching and releasing, keeping that rhythm. Also, while you are doing that the string is going to slide a little bit, and you do have to adjust it with the pinches. Sometimes you might miss with your thumb. All it really takes is a lot of practice to get the trick down. Once you get it, it is really cool.

That was the Trapeze Follow.

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