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Learn the Revolutions slack string trick.

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Revolutions Yoyo Trick
This trick is called Revolutions and it looks like this.

Revolutions is a slack string trick as you could probably tell. It starts off with your One and a Half Mount and where you get the slack is you are going to pinch the string between your first finger and your thumb right here. This will allow all this string to hang free. To do the Revolution all you are going to do is swing the yoyo on the inside and outside of your wrist. Just like that.

You want to make sure that when you are doing the trick the first swing is actually on the inside. Again, you pinch it then you swing it in towards yourself. As you continue to swing the yoyo, if you swing it evenly, then the yoyo is actually going to stay on that string. It will keep pushing it around and keep it opened up for you.

To stop the trick, instead of stopping it on the inside you actually want to wait until you have done one of your revolutions to the outside then you just stick your finger into the big wide open string and that will get you right back in to your One and a Half Mount. Just like that. This is right back where you started so you can either dismount or go into any other trick you know from your One and a Half Mount at that point.

I’ll show it to you one more time. Once you get better at it you can do it in one smooth motion, just like that. Bring it back to your hand. And that is Revolutions.

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