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Learn how to do the 1A repeater trick known as Serpentine.

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Serpentine Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to do the trick Serpentine, and it looks like this:

Serpentine is a repeater, as you might be able to tell. It is a really cool trick that is pretty simple to master. So Serpentine first starts with a breakaway. Once you are here, you want to take your throwhand, you want to take your pinky and push it into the front of the string, just like this. We want to take our throwhand, wrap it underneath so we get this wrap of string around our throwhand. From here we are going to swing the yoyo over top our throwhand wrist, just like this so that the double string is right on top of our throwhand wrist. Then we want to take our throwhand middle finger and move it to the throwhand side of the string, just like so. Once we are here, we are going to let the yoyo continue toward our opposite hand side. Right when the yoyo gets up to about the level of the center of our throwhand palm, you are going to notice that these three strings start to separate. So they separate into the double strings that are coming over top of our throwhand wrist, and the string that is leading to our throwhand middle finger. Right when the string separates when the yoyo gets to this level, we want to take our opposite hand and pull it toward out opposite hand side. What is going to do is kind of thread the yoyo through this keyhole formation that we have formed between our throwhand middle finger and our throwhand wrist. After the yoyo swings through this keyhole formation, you will notice that the yoyo is now free to swing up and over my throwhand wrist. So I can just pull the yoyo back into a trapeze and from there I can repeat the trick. If you are having some difficulty with this trick, I have got some tips for you. The thing that is definitely the most difficult part about this trick is getting the yoyo in between your throwhand middle finger and your throwhand wrist. So one thing that really helps is kind of scooping your throwhand middle finger underneath the gap of the yoyo as it is coming through. That is going to help get your hand out of the way. Another thing that helps you get your hand out of the way is rather than holding your hand like this, really rigid and flat, you really want to try to scoop it under, just like this. The timing of this trick might take a couple of tries to get down. Once you do, it is a super satisfying trick that is a lot of fun to do. And that is Serpentine. hsssssssssssss…

The first thing is that you kind of want to scoop your throwhand middle finger underneath the yoyo as your are pulling your opposite hand out, which is going to help, uh, the yoyo…

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