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Learn how to do three different entrances into the Wrist Mount.

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Three Wrist Mount Entrances Yoyo Trick
In this video, we are going to be showing you three ways to get into Wrist Mount. So, the first one is going to be Double or Nothing into Wrist Mount. The second is Throwhand Chopsticks into Wrist Mount. And the third is going to be Throwhand Chopsticks Slack into Wrist Mount. Now, if you do not know the Wrist Mount trick already, make sure you check out our previous video on that. You can use these variations in order to enhance tricks that you have already learned from us, or even to get into new, cool ways into Wrist Mount to develop your own tricks in the future.

So, the first one we are going to look at is Double or Nothing into Wrist Mount. To start, you are going to start in a Double or Nothing. Then, from here, you are going to insert your throwhand wrist into the double or nothing. You will see that there is a triangle formation. Also, the string is wrapped around the wrist of my throwhand. Then from here, we are going to do a motion that is similar to Double Trapeze. We are going to swing the yoyo through this triangle, onto the string, double on like this. When you pull your non throwhand finger out and underpass, you will see that you are in a Wrist Mount.

The second variation we are going to be looking at is Throwhand Chopsticks. From here, you are going to take your throwhand thumb, place it on top of the string. Then you are going to wrap your hand around the string so you get this chopsticks like formation. You will notice that the string is wrapped around the back of my hand as well. Then, you simply are going to take the yoyo and set it on top of this formation. Then from here, you are going to take the yoyo, swing it over your throwhand, and you will see that there is two strings. You are going to use your non throwhand index finger to push into these two strings. You are going to underpass the yoyo onto this back string right here. You will see that you land in a Wrist Mount.

The third variation is a little bit more tricky. To do this one, you are going to go back into that throwhand chopsticks mount that we just previously showed. To make this one a little bit easier, we are going to start off with our thumb facing upwards, like so. You are actually going to put the yoyo into the bottom of this formation, right here. When you do this, you will notice that I keep the string on my fingers like so. From here, you are going to want to take your non throwhand thumb, and you are going to place it over the two strings. You are going to use that thumb to underpass the yoyo off of the string. Once you have the yoyo out of that mount, you are then going to swing the yoyo around and over your throwhand. At the same time, you are going to drop the slack that is now created on your thumb off of your thumb. Then you are going to swing that around, over your throwhand and back onto your non throwhand thumb, while landing the yoyo in between that slack and back onto the string. Now, to practice this, you want to practice missing the yoyo. First, and just practice swinging the slack over your thumb, making sure you have that down consistently. Then once you feel confident in getting the slack over your thumb pretty quick, then you can practice trying to time it so that the yoyo lands in between the slack and onto the string like so. So, from here, you can do any of the tricks you have learned in the past or one of your own tricks, or you could just simply dismount the Wrist Mount. And those are three variations in getting into Wrist Mount.

Hey guys, my name is Cory. Thanks for learning with my today. If you want to check out some more tricks and tutorials, you can go and click over here. If you want to buy some really awesome yoyos including the one I used today, the Canon yoyo, you can go ahead and purchase that here on our website. Also you can join us on Patreon for some coupon codes and behind the scenes footage at Patreon.com/YoTricks. Thanks guys!

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