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Cross Capture Yoyo Trick
In this video, I am going to teach you how to do Cross-Capture, and it looks like this.

Now, Cross-Capture is a super cool trick because there is so many different variations you can do. For instance, you can exaggerate the up and down motion to make it look flashier. And, you can even do it sidestyle with the arms crossed, just like this. Now to do Cross-Capture, first we want to start with a frontstyle throw. Then we want to shorten the string by wrapping it around our hand. You can do this trick with a long string, but with a short string it is much, much easier to learn. After that, you want to take your opposite hand pointer finger. Put it behind the yoyo string, just like this. Then we want to pull our hands apart so that the yoyo shoots up and hits the bottom of this top string, just like this. After the yoyo hits the string, we want to take both of our hands and swap their position underneath the yoyo, just like that, and BOOM, you just got Cross-Captured. Now, while you are doing this, you might find that the yoyo leans a bit. That is because the yoyo is in a Gyroscopic Flop mount, just like how we show in our Gyroscopic Flop Sport Ladder video. The best way to prevent that is to just keep your hands straight. Now, you can also do another variation with the front style throw. So rather than having your pointer finger back here, instead put it in front of the string. Then you just pull up, cross your hands underneath the yoyo, and you will notice that you are actually in a frontstyle mount bind.

For the sidestyle variations of Cross-Capture, you want to start with a Breakaway. Shorten your string a bit. Then you can take your opposite hand pointer finger, put it to the opposite hand side of the string. Cross your arms. Then you can push your hands apart so that the yoyo hits the bottom of the top string. Then you can cross your hands underneath the yoyo, and boom, there is a Cross-Capture. You are going to hop back up across your arms, back over, and it exits. Now, you can do this with either your throwhand on top, or with your throwhand on the bottom, just like that. Of course, you can also do this trick the opposite way, where your opposite hand goes to the throwhand side of the string. Then you can start with your hands uncrossed, and cross them underneath the yoyo, just like that.

Now my personal favorite variation of Cross-Capture starts with a frontstyle throw. Then you can take your opposite hand pointer finger and middle finger. Put them onto either side of the string. I can push my pointer finger in, do a Cross-Capture, uncross-Capture, push my middle finger in, and then just alternate between both directions, just like this, for a very smooth trick. And that is Cross-Capture.

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