Jake Elliott

World Yoyo Champion Player


About Jake Elliott

Jake Elliott blazed onto the yoyo scene in 2013 when, seemingly out of nowhere, he won the US title in 5a – even besting US 5a legend Tyler Severance. Two years later, in 2015, using the Atlas yoyo, he won the World Yoyo Contest in 5a, beating then 6 time World Yoyo Champion Takeshi Matsuura.

Jake started working for YoYoTricks.com in 2014. Since that time he has become one of the most accomplished yoyo teachers online. His two 5a tutorial series has become the standard for learning freehand style play, and his 1a tricks and tutorials are known for being some of the most creative and challenging we have ever produced. Jake brings his best to everything he does, making him a crucial part in our continual pursuit to be the best place to learn to yoyo in the world.


personal info
  • Name : Jake Elliott
  • Birthday : October 4th, 1994
  • Home Town : Grandville, MI
  • Preferred Style : 5A Yo-Yoing
  • Signature Yoyos : Atlas Yoyo | Canon Yoyo
    my story

    In 7th grade I read a Scholastic magazine article in my Science Topics class about modern yoyoing. It fascinated me so much I went home and found my Fast 201 that I had been given a few years back. Four years later, I surprised everyone - and even myself a little - when I won my first US National Title. Since then, the yoyo has brought me to Europe, Japan, Hong Kong and all around the United States. I've also been able to design multiple yoyos, including the Canon. The counterweight and strings I used to make for myself are now used by yoyo players around the globe.

    I guess sometimes 'follow your dreams' is good advice.

    "There is no such thing as 'natural yoyo talent'. Like everything worth doing, it takes hard work and consistency. When in doubt, practice harder." - Jake Elliott

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