Chris Chunn

Multi-Regional 4A Yoyo Champion


About Chris Chunn

Chris began working for in 2016. While he has always been known for his amiable personality among competitors, in 2017 he really began to shine as a competitor, winning 5 separate regional contests, and ending the year undefeated. Chris has already shown his natural ability to craft in-depth tutorials with his Brain-Twister Combo Series, and we are looking forward to a ton more great content from Chris in the future.

personal info
  • Name : Chris Chunn
  • Birthday : August 5th, 1998
  • Home Town : Detroit, MI
  • Preferred Style : 1A, 4A Yo-Yoing
my story

When I first started competing, I didn't really know what I was doing. I knew a lot of tricks, but I didn't know what judges were looking for. That all changed in 2015. I switched from an old-school offstring yoyo to the Duncan Skyhawk. At the Plymouth yoyo club vetrans like Jake Malhoney, Dennis Shatter, and Connor Scholten would frequently discuss the contest scene, so I was able to pickup what I need to do to succeed. In 2015 I got second place in 5 separate contests. My first win was at Mid-Atlantic regionals, 2016 with the Flight yoyo. Since then I have won 6 more regional contests all across the United States.

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