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Learn the Kendama trick combo known as Din’s Fire.

Kendama In This Video:

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Din’s Fire Kendama Trick
In this video, we are going to be learning the trick known as Din’s Fire. It looks like this:

Now, in order to do this trick, you want to make sure you know 1 Up Airplane and Spacewalk to Lighthouse. To start this trick, you are going to do a 1 up airplane. When the airplane comes around you are going to stick your arm in the way so the string gets wrapped around your wrist. If you do not know this trick, you can also just do a standard airplane and stick your hand through the string for practice sakes.

From here what you are going to do is turn your hand so your thumb is pointed downwards on your non dominant hand. You are going to point your thumb towards yourself and then continue to keep your thumb pointed down as your grab the ken. You are going to notice that you are in a ken grip with your non dominant hand. Then from this point, what you are going to do is take the tama off the spike and throw it away from your body, over your wrist and recatch it with your right hand. From here you will take the ken and you are going to throw it away from your body as well. This time you want to make sure it is in between the tama and your non dominant elbow. That way it unwraps from your wrist. Then from here you are going to continue that rotation of the ken so it comes off of your wrist and you reach your non dominant hand over your dominant arm. You are going to catch the ken so you are in a cross armed position. From here you will simply uncross your arms.

Now you are going to take both pieces and throw them equally, the ken to your dominant hand. You want to catch this in a sara grip, that way you can go straight into a spacewalk to lighthouse from here. You are going to toss both pieces, grab the ken, and you will notice the tama starts swinging, just like a spacewalk. So you will toss it up, initiate the spacewalk, and you are going to land in a lighthouse. From here you are simply going to land the spike and you will notice in that cross armed positions that there are plenty of other things to do from that trick. You can do handrolls. You can do fingerspins. You can even just end it in a simple airplane. That is Din’s Fire.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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