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Learn how to do the Kendama Finger Stall

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Finger Stall Kendama Trick
This trick is called Finger Stall, and it looks like this.

Just like that. Now this trick is balancing the ken on your finger. It can be done with either of your hands and any finger that you want. It is a great way to transition in and out of tricks. It is a good recovery in case something is falling. You can use it to catch on your finger or throw back into another trick. It is just used in a wide variety of tricks that will teach you moving forward from here.

To start the trick you are going to let the ken hang down, just like this, and you are going to pull it up and balance it on your finger. Now before you can pull it up, one thing that you are going to want to do is you are going to want to twist the ken, because if it is horizontal like this and you pull it up, there is nothing to catch, so if you give it a little twist so the big cup ends up facing you, you can pull up and catch that big cup. You can even do this from an airplane motion if you want.

When you catch it, what you want to do is catch it on the very tip of your finger. You are going to catch it just under the ridge of the cup. So, right here, not sticking like your finger too far down towards your knuckle, or getting too close to the spike of the ken, you actually want to get it just on the ridge. Once you are comfortable and you are ready to pull up, just give it that little twist and pull up, and what you are going to find when you do this trick is that when you pull up, you actually have to cushion the ken with your knees and kind of do a motion that actually pulls in. When you are pulling up, if you try to push out to balance, you will find it will actually fall off more often than not. The movement needs to be really subtle, and that is actually a pulling-in motion.

One tip that will help when you first start, if you want, is you can use multiple fingers, or you can even keep your finger really close. What that allows is the ken to rest against your other fingers, which allows you to get a little of a better feel for the trick, it makes it a little easier at first. But once you really get it mastered, you want to be doing it just on one finger, and it should not really be touching any of your other fingers. From here from the stall, you can transition into any other trick you want that is done, really any trick, some of the most basic ones would be you can throw it up and do a lighthouse, a lunar, or just spike it, or go into juggles, go into all kinds of things from here. Like I said the most easy one is just from here you are going to use your knees and kind of use your wrist and flick the ken up, and land it right into an airplane spike. And that is how you do Finger Stall.

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