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Learn the kendama trick Whirlwind.

Kendama In This Video:

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Whirlwind Kendama Trick
In this video, we’re going to be learning the trick known as Whirlwind. It looks like this.

In order to do this trick you need to know two essential tricks: Earth Turn and Ken Flip. If you don’t know those check out the videos we did on those previously.

The Trick is done in two parts. The first part being the Earth Turn. When you do the Earth Turn you want to do it a lot slower than you typically would do a quick Earth Turn like this. That way when you do it slow and you lob it up you have enough time to do the Ken Flip.

When you do the Ken Flip you want to make sure you hold at the base of the ken instead of really high. Just like we talked about in the Ken Flip video. And you want to start with it point up that way it allows you enough time to flip it vertically and that way the spike is already pointing upwards. That way when you start and when you end it is a lot easier for the ball to land right on the spike.

You really want to practice those two steps individually. Practice the slow Earth Turns and also practice just doing a vertical Ken Flip because this is the hardest part people have is getting the Ken Flip in time.

Once you feel comfortable with that you bend your knees, do the slow Earth Turn, and you keep that ken vertical and you land the ball on the spike.

That’s how you do Whirlwind.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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