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Learn how to do the Ladybug Kendama trick.

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Ladybug Kendama Trick
This trick trick is called Ladybug, and it looks like this:

Just like that. Before you do this, you want to make sure that you have got your pull spike down, and also that you have a good sense of hole control when you are pulling the tama up. What you are going to do is start out just like a pull spike, but when you pull up, you are going to use your knees and pull to your side a little bit, that will turn the tama. I like to turn the tama so that on the LK standard, the stripe is vertical. Then yo are going to put the spike underneath. I like to put it right on the stripe and I use the other side of the stripe as an aim for my finger. You are just going to catch the tama between the spike and your finger and hold it there like this.

Now one thing you will notice when you are practicing is that when you are doing this trick if you pull up and try to push down with your finger, it actually is going to cause the ball to slip out a lot. So it is not actually a push, when you pull up it is actually a very gentle motion where you are just setting your finger onto the spike.

One of the other reasons that I like to pull it up sideways so the stripe is vertical is so I can see the hole. That helps a lot when I want to finish the trick and spike, I will know where the hole is so I can bend my knees, turn it, and land that spike. That is really all there is to the trick. Practice it, get it down, get comfortable. One other thing that helps is if you have a slightly used tip, so it is not to a sharp point, but just a little bit dull makes it easier. Once you master it, you can start throwing it in anywhere you can do a spike, you can turn it into a Ladybug. So you can do tricks like Around the World, or Around Japan, but throw in Ladybugs instead of spikes. Even doing downspike Ladybugs, anything that you can think of, you can get creative with this trick. And that is Ladybug.

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