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Learn how to do the Penguin Catch Kendama trick. 

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Penguin Catch Kendama Trick
This trick is called penguin catch, it looks like this.

Just like that. Before you do this trick are you are going to want to make sure you know Base Cup because that is essentially all that you are doing and all the same tips from learning any cup trick apply to this one. All penguin catch is, is it is a base cup catch from your standard ken grip but you are going to do doing it on the outside of your arm, just like this. So the way that you do that is you start with it down, start with your ken grip. In base cup you just turn your hand downward and you catch the tama but in this time we are going to point the spike down to this side, bring the base cup up again to the side, it really helps with this trick if you kind of bend your elbow and lift it up because that helps you to be able to keep the cups really flat. If you are trying to do it just down low and just doing a wrist movement, you can do it but a lot of times you will find, you know the cups might be off, they will not be as level and that will be harder to catch. So that is really all there is to it, you pull it up, turn it, make sure you lift that elbow up and that is penguin catch.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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