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Penguin Spike is a spike trick variation which is caught on the outside of your wrist.

Penguin Spike Kendama Trick
In this video, we are going to be learning the trick known as Penguin Spike, and we are also going to cover some variations. The Penguin Spike looks like this:

In order to do this trick, you are going to want to make sure you know Pull-Up Spike. What you are going to do is hold the ken in a sara grip with the spike pointing downwards. The whole trick to penguin is you actually are going to take your thumb and point it down. Then, out away from your body. That way the spike is facing straight up, like it would in a ken grip, but you will see my wrist is twisted because I am still in the sara grip. This does increase the difficulty of a standard pull up spike by quite a bit. So, once your wrist is twisted, you are going to do that as you pull up. If you are having the ball rotate a little bit, make sure that you pull in the direction opposite that the hole is going towards. So if the hole is going towards the outside, pull your wrist in a little bit to correct that. So you will pull the tama straight up, and land on the spike just like that. Now, another way you can do it is with a swing. So you are going to do the same thing, twist your wrist out so that way the spike is facing up. You will just do a simple swing spike and land it in the penguin, like that. Then you can also do an Earth turn from this position, so when you are holding the ken in the penguin grip, and the tama  is on the spike, you are going to want to use your arm to get the rotation for the tama rather than your wrist. As you will notice, it is really hard to twist your wrist in order to get the standard earth rotation you would normally. So you are going to want to bend your knees and you are going to use your whole forearm in order to flip the tama and land back on the spike. And that is Penguin Spike.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Kendama Trick:

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