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The Sleeper, trick #1 of the 1A String Trick Ladder of the Yoyo Sport Ladder. Learn the Sleeper Yoyo Trick Here.

1A #1 The Sleeper Yoyo Trick
This is trick #1 of the 1A Yoyo Trick Ladder. It is called the Sleeper, and it looks like this.

One, two, three.

That is it. All you are going to do is throw a 3 second Sleeper. If you have an unresponsive yoyo like I am using in these videos you will to bind the yoyo to bring it back up, of course. If you have a responsive yoyo, you can just pull it back up. Really, the only thing you need to remember about this trick is you need to do a proper throw, which means you throw it like this with your palm up. Do not just drop the yoyo like this and bring the yoyo back. That would be considered a miss.

As long as you throw the yoyo properly, do a Sleeper for 3 seconds, and bring it back to your hand, that will be a successful trick. That is the Sleeper.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Yoyo Trick:

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