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Introduction to the Yoyo Trick Sport Ladder Contest Video Series.

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Yoyo Contest Sport Ladder Introduction Yoyo Trick
In this series of videos we are going to teach you how to compete in the sport ladder division at a yoyo contest. The sport ladder is a series of tricks arranged from easiest to hardest that you perform one at a time before a judge until you miss two tricks, or until you complete the ladder. If you are new to yoyo competition, the sport ladder is great because you only need to go as far as your skills can take you. Many veteran players also enjoy challenging themselves to go further and further every year as they attempt to complete the whole ladder, which is a real accomplishment.

In this series we demonstrate all 50 tricks in the ladder, in order, so you can see what needs to be done. If you are watching these on youtube and you need more help with a trick, click the link at the end of the video or in the description and we will have an additional video teaching the trick in more detail with plenty of tips and help. On yoyotricks.com you can click the related button, or the link in the video transcript to find these tutorials.

Be sure to checkout the next video where we go over the rules for the sport ladder contest, and you will be well on your way to being a sport ladder champion.

Please note that rules may vary slightly from contest to contest, so be sure to read the complete set of rules for the sport ladder on the website for the contest where you will be competing.

There are no yoyo tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your yoyo.

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