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Two-Handed Vertical Loops, trick #20 of the 2A Looping Trick Ladder of the Yoyo Sport Ladder. Learn the Two-Handed Vertical Loops Yoyo Trick Here.

2A #20 Two-Handed Vertical Loops Yoyo Trick
This is trick number 20 of the Looping Trick Ladder, called Two-Handed Vertical Punches, and it looks like this.

One, two, three, four, and so on, up until at least ten repetitions.

Just like with One-Handed Vertical Punches, you may start with a Reach for the Moon into Vertical Punches. Just make sure you do not count your Shoot the Moon as your first repetition of Two-Handed Vertical Punches.

And that’s Two-Handed Vertical Punches.

Tricks You Need To Know To Learn This Yoyo Trick:

Vertical Punches

➞ Go to the Vertical Punches yoyo trick page

Shoot the Moon

➞ Go to the Shoot the Moon yoyo trick page

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