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Learn how to compete in a yoyo sport ladder competition.

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Yoyo Sport Ladder Contest Rules Yoyo Trick
When you enter a trick ladder contest you will see a judge as well as a square marked out on the floor, this square is called a trick box. You will need to enter into the trick box to perform each trick. You don’t need to remember the order of the tricks, because when you step into the trick box the judge will call out the names of the tricks you need to perform next.

When you are in the trick box, make sure you only throw the yoyo when your are attempting a trick because any throw that you do while in the box will be considered an attempt. When you are outside the trick box among other things you can make sure that your yoyo is working properly, you can adjust your string tension, you can clear a messy bind.  Just make sure you do not practice the tricks for the trick ladder, or else you may be penalized with a miss.

You get one attempt per trick and you continue through the ladder until you either miss two tricks or you complete the ladder. On the first miss you will that trick and move onto the next trick. After the second miss, you are finished. The winner is the player that completes the most tricks.

In a sport ladder contest there are two trick ladders, named 1s and 2s. 1s stands for the trick ladder that consists of only 1a tricks, and 2s stands for the trick ladder that consists of only 2a tricks. There are twenty five tricks in each ladder. At any given contest the scores may be judges separately, or combined together.

At mosts contests, you can use any yoyo you wish and change your yoyo once within in each ladder. However, the specific details for this rule varies greatly from contest to contest, so be sure to check the rules for your contest

In either division a trick is considered missed if the trick is done incorrectly, or if the yoyo fails to return to the hand. In the 1s division, any failed string hits will also be considered a miss. In either division, any significant loss of control will be considered a miss, and it is up to the judge to determine what a significant loss of control is. When you catch a yoyo where not all the string has wound up, a judge will ask for you to extend the string, like this, to decide whether or not enough of the string has wound up to consider it a catch or that you missed the trick. When catching the yoyo you are not allowed to use two hands, you are also not allowed to catch the yoyo between your hand and your body, and you need to be sure to catch the yoyo in the same hand that threw it.

In addition, at some contests, if you attempt to return the yoyo to your hand and it does not return, or if you attempt a bind and fail, that will also be considered a miss. Although some judges are flexible on this point.

For tricks that require multiple repetitions, like most of the tricks in the 2s ladder do, you can always do more than the required amount. But, be aware, that if you make a mistake on a repetition that happens after the required number of repetitions, it will still be considered a missed trick.

If you have any questions about anything we did or did not address in these videos, be sure to ask a sports ladder judge at your contest for clarification.

There are no yoyo tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your yoyo.

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