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The Spirit Bomb, trick #23 of the 1A String Trick Ladder of the Yoyo Sport Ladder. Learn the Spirit Bomb Yoyo Trick here.

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1A #23 Spirit Bomb Yoyo Trick
This is trick #23 of the 1A Yoyo Trick Ladder, it is called Spirit Bomb, and it looks like this.

Again, if you need to learn this trick, you should check out our video where we teach the trick, but I will just walk through it one time just to make sure you get all the steps just right. Of course, you want to start off in your Wrist Mount. You are going to take your hand out and roll over onto this string twice. Hop the yoyo up. Turn your hand over, and you are going to catch it on that bottom string. Then this is the hard part, where you pop it up and you actually catch it in-between this little triangle here, it has to pass right through and land right on that string. Of course, in the trick ladder you would have to do it without missing. This will put you basically back into a Wrist Mount, so you are just going to roll back once, and then twice, just hitting the inside string. Let all the rest of the string drop off your hand. Make sure you get back into a single Trapeze before you dismount and bring the yoyo back to your hand.

You will have to do the trick cleanly, but when you pull it off that is the Spirit Bomb.

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