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Learn how to do the Mirage Tower 1A Yoyo String Trick, which implements a challenging string rejection to land into an Eiffel Tower. This trick also introduces a Houdini Style Under or Nothing mount.

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Mirage Tower Yoyo Trick
In this video, I am going to teach you how to do the trick Mirage Tower. It looks like this:

To do this trick, you are going to start off by performing an Under or Nothing, but we are going to combine it with the Houdini Mount. So you are going to start the Under or Nothing by going over your opposite hand thumb. Then get into your Under or Nothing mount. Then from here we are going to hook the string and swing the yoyo towards ourself, up and in between both arms, like so. Now, the next step we are going to do is swing the yoyo forward away from our body. Allow the strings to reject off the back of the yoyo just like that. Now, normally when you are doing the trick, at the same time while it is in the air, the yoyo is going to pop over the top of the string formation and then land on this back string which is connected to your yoyo hand’s finger. Then the last step is, we will drop our opposite hand index finger. That will let you form the tower, just like that.

When you are first doing the trick, it is a good idea to do each of those steps kind of one-by-one, taking it slow just so you get an idea of what is happening. When you actually want to perform the trick at regular speed, you want everything to kind of work simultaneously. So I will give you some tips to help that out. Now, when you get into your Under or Nothing, you roll the yoyo between your hands. The majority of the tips come with doing this rejection. The biggest thing is that you want to take your throwhand and turn your wrist towards yourself and extend the finger that the string is attached to. That way, it sticks that back string out as far as it can, because that is the string that we are going to land on to. So if you find that your wrist is twisted or your hand it pointed outward, or your fingers are aligned in such a way that the strings are bunched together, that makes landing the trick very difficult.

Another way that you can achieve this is by grabbing the string with your pinky finger like we show in the 1.5 Mount video. So as you go into this Houdini Under of Nothing, you are going to take your throwhand and grab the string with your pinky finger. You will see that will allow you to have that string sticking out. So you roll between your hands, and again you will see that string is right where it needs to be. So now we can perform the rejection. You want to do this by tossing the yoyo up just a little bit so that as it rejects, you can guide the yoyo over top of the string formation and behind it. That is something that you might want to practice and get used to. The next step is putting these steps together so that you do the rejection and it comes behind and lands onto that string coming out from under your pinky, or attached to your middle finger.

The last step of course is that opposite hand index finger will let the string off. That will form the tower. If you time it just right, and you let the string off of your index finger as it is coming down and landing, not only will the tower form nicely and all at the same time, but it also gives you a little extra slack which makes landing the trick easier. So once you have got it, put it all together, and that is how you do Mirage Tower.

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