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Learn the Sands of Time, a simple tech yoyo trick with various hopping elements.

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Sands of Time Yoyo Trick
In this video, I am going to show you how to harness the Sands of Time, and the trick looks like this:

Sands of Time starts in a Trapeze. Once we are here we are going to pinch the string and do a Quantum Slack, swinging the yoyo to the front of the string coming from our throwhand. We are going to catch the slack loop on our throwhand pointer finger, just like this. Next step is we are going to take the thumbs on both of our hands and we are going to insert them into these two shapes. So we have a triangle over here and kind of a lopsided rectangle over here. Then we are going to hop the yoyo up through the front and land it on this bottom string of the triangle. From here we are going to hop the yoyo back over to our throwhand side. Before we do that, we want to take our throwhand middle finger and kind of pull it back. Take our throwhand thumb and pointer finger and really spread it out. That is going to make this string coming from the bottom of our throwhand pointer finger longer which is going to make it easier to land on. So we are going to hop the yoyo out of the front on our opposite hand side and land it right on this string, just like that. We are actually right back in the original mount that we were in right after the Quantum Slack in the beginning of the trick. From here, we want to take our opposite hand and turn it up and in, so it is facing your body. Then you want to hop the yoyo up through the front on your throwhand side and land it on that back string, turning your throwhand in as you do that. Next, we want to take our throwhand pointer finger out of that mount so that only our throwhand thumb and opposite hand thumb and pointer finger are left in the mount. Now from here, we want to align all of the strings in a flat vertical plane. So let me show you that from the side. So we do not want all the strings like this or anything. We want our throwhand fingers pointing straight up, so everything is nice and in line. From here we are going to hop the yoyo out the back of our opposite hand side, and we are going to land it on top of these two strings coming from our throwhand thumb. Just like that. From here, we are going to start setting up the Green Triangle for the end of the trick. So what we are going to do is take that loop on our opposite hand and turn our opposite hand up. Then we want to pull our opposite hand back so that these two strings go over top and below the yoyo. I am just going to bring that top string over the yoyo, just like that. Then drop this loop on your throwhand thumb. The yoyo is going to slide down the string and reveal the Green Triangle. Now, as you practice this trick, you want to do those two steps together. So you bring the slack over and then drop the loop and the Green Triangle is right there. And that is Sands of Time.

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