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Learn the Yellow Airplanes Yoyo Trick, AKA Kamikaze 2, a challenging but rewarding yoyo trick.

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Yellow Airplanes AKA Kamikaze 2 Yoyo Trick
This is the trick Yellow Airplanes AKA Kamikaze 2, and it looks like this.

If you have not learned the trick Kamikaze, go to our video section and check that out. Once you learn Kamikaze you can come back to this video and learn the sequel Kamikaze 2.

Assuming you know Kamikaze, we will start in a Trapeze. We are going to set ourselves up for a new variation to get into the Kamikaze Mount. After you form the Trapeze you are going to make a wrap around your index finger like this, almost like you are doing a Magic Drop, except the differences are you are only going to be using your pointer finger instead of your pointer finger and thumb to wrap around and make the loop here, and second you are not going to curl your yoyo finger in like you normally would with a Magic Drop. You will keep it outstretched and keep it outstretched from your index finger like so. That way you have space to pluck it with the thumb of your opposite hand and form a Houdini Mount. After you form the Houdini Mount you can then pop it up and hit the Kamikaze Mount, just like you normally would.

A few tips to help you make this trick look really smooth, number one, as soon as you hit the Trapeze you should have already formed the wrap around your index finger here. Second, as you pluck with your thumb, you are going to pluck and hit the Kamikaze Mount pretty much all in the same step. That way it just looks like one fluid motion. After you hit the Kamikaze Mount you are essentially going to do the same thing that you normally would in regular Kamikaze you are going to roll across your yoyo hand and you are going to roll across your opposite hand instead of hitting the bottom string like you would in regular Kamikaze, you’re going to miss both strings to the inside. As you’re doing that you’re going to be curling your index fingers in towards each other, and you’ll be letting go of a loop on your opposite hand off of your index finger and that’s going to create a slack. To hold that slack in place you’re going to pinch the string on your yoyo hand to hold it there, and while that is happening the yoyo is still rotating around your opposite hand so you’re going to uncurl your finger and land it on top of the string like so. Now you’re essentially in a radical concept where the yoyo in sitting in a trapeze with the slack resting on top of it, like so. What’s going to happen after this is you’re going to be feeding the slack into the yoyo in this sort of fashion. This can be really difficult and tricky to figure out so we’re going to give you plenty of tips on how to figure out this element of the trick.

So, number one is as you’re rolling the yoyo around and you let go of the string right here, you want to make sure you lift the elbow up of your yoyo arm, and then have your yoyo hand rotated to the inside as you let go of the string. That way the string will be resting either on top or it will be completely on the inside here. Somewhere in between those two is where you want the slack to hang. if you have the slack hanging completely outside of that string segment, then you’re not holding your elbow high enough or your hand in enough to help with the next part of the trick.

The reason why you want it to be hanging even with the string or completely inside of that string segment is because when you feed the yoyo into this slack you want the extra loop to be hanging completely to the inside of the string that is closest to your body to go inside the yoyo and wrap around to hit the mount like so. That can be really tough to get it to hit, so some tips for that is, as you are swinging the slack into the yoyo you will either want to rotate your hand to make sure that slack comes into place, or there is also an optimal way for the slack to be resting on top of the string. I tend to think of it as either the string can be completely even or can be completely on the inside like so, but the optimal place for it is going to be halfway in between that. So if you find the right balance for it about right here, you can just feed it in, and the yoyo will just suck in that slack and bring you right back into the mount that you will need to get to the next part of the trick.

A common mistake with feeding the slack into the yoyo is if you don’t do it gently enough, the other part of the string is going to get sucked into the yoyo as well, and it’s just going to roll over on top of the string and end up in a kink mount similar to this one right here. Once you’re in this kink mount right here, unfortunately there is no way to salvage the trick so just dismount off the front and then try the trick again.

After you feed the slack loop into the yoyo correctly, you’re going to be in what essentially looks like a Kamikaze Mount but it actually isn’t. Number one is, you’re going to have an extra wrap around your index finger of your yoyo hand. Number two there will be a twist near the bearing, where as there isn’t normally in a Kamikaze Mount. So we’re going to actually get back into the Kamikaze Mount using the following sequence. Number one, pop it off the front of the string and go to the front, and then the second step is we’re going to curl our index finger in, and feed it through this loop these two strings right here, and pass the curl in-between these two string segments, and then pick up the string, the string segment that is going underneath your index finger like so. As you curl in, take your thumb and press it against your index finger as the string falls off of the second knuckle of your index finger. You’re going to do this so you can still hold onto the string segment on your finger like so.

The third and final step in this sequence to get to the Kamikaze Mount is we’re going to make a big roll around our yoyo hand and we’re going to extend our index finger out from curl position to straight forward at the same time as you do the roll, and then you’ll end up in the Kamikaze Mount. You want to make sure that your roll is really big and stays on plane or else the yoyo is going to reject on you as you try to swing into the Kamikaze Mount. So just watch out for that and make sure you keep everything on plane over on the yoyo side of your body.

Once we’re in the Kamikaze Mount we’re going to roll over just like you would in the first Kamikaze trick then we are going to have a deviation from the Kamikaze trick. Yet again we’re going to take our opposite thumb, bring it underneath the string that is coming across the index fingers, and we’re going to pluck that back and pull it out of the way so that the yoyo can dismount over the index finger of your yoyo hand. One other thing you’re going to be doing on that dismount is you’re going to curl your index finger in to make sure that the yoyo isn’t going to create an extra wrap around your index finger. As you curl that in and as the yoyo is swinging around you’re going to be completing a transfer from your pointer finger to your thumb so we can use the thumb to pluck it back, and then after the dismount we will then let go of the pointer finger and let it rest completely on your thumb over here. The yoyo will still be swinging over to the other side and we’ll hit it on the outside string and now we will be in a Houdini Mount with and extra wrap around our index finger. From here we are going to essentially do what is the first underpass to Cold Fusion, except since the extra string is not around your index finger but around your thumb, what you’re going to do to help you with the underpass is rotate your thumb in underneath your index finger and also push it a little forward, so that way that top string can like up with the gap of the yoyo so you can hit this underpass.

As you are moving your thumb back into it’s normal position, you’re going to hit the yoyo on the string coming over the top the of thumb of your opposite hand and then you’ll hit the string, but also make it fall off of the string it was on previously, and you’ll end up in a mount like so.

What you’re going to do after that is you’re going to roll it over your yoyo hand like this, and you’ll end up in what seems to be a perturbed 1.5 ish mount here. What you’re going to do is roll it into your actual 1.5 and roll it back onto the top string. From there what you’re going to do is you’re going to be throwing the slack around the yoyo so that way it dismounts off and is going to go all the way around your yoyo hand like this. What you’re going to be doing is as you throw the slack around it’s going to be dismounting off of the string and then the string that was on the top is going to go over in front of the yoyo and then carry around like so.

One tip I can give to help you get that slack all the way around is, number one what you want to do is as soon as you want to throw the slack you let the yoyo drop, and with the yoyo dropping what’s going to happen is it’s going to make the string smaller and make it come around a lot quicker, so that way you can come up and grab it. A lot of player’s tendencies in this trick is they want to not just let the yoyo drop and have the string get carried around, they want to try to pinch the string right here and throw the string as hard as they can and hope it will come around and catch, but we found it was much easier to let the yoyo drop off and catch it.

After you catch it, what you’re going to catch it on is it doesn’t actually matter what fingers you catch it on as long as you catch it with your palm facing up and you’re clawing at it from underneath like so, and as long as you catch it on one of the three fingers right here whether it be your pinky, your middle, and your ring finger here, as long as you catch it on one of the three, two of the three, or even all three of the three that is alright to do.

So once you catch it you’re going to be doing a reverse Pinwheel around your yoyo finger and what you’re going to do with your yoyo finger is you’re going to curl it in towards your opposite hand so that way as it unravels it gets rid of all of the extra twists on there and after you curl your index finger in and let all of the strings go, you’ll have one string left here. After the pinwheel all those extra twists will be gone which will allow you to toss it up into a Trapeze and that concludes the trick.

That is Yellow Airplanes AKA Kamikaze 2.

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