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Learn the yoyo trick Daniel Day-Lewis.

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Daniel Day-Lewis Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you the trick Daniel Day-Lewis, and it looks like this.

Daniel Day-Lewis was submitted to us on Patreon by Off Road Yoyo. If you would like to get one of your tricks taught on our channel, check out patreon.com/yotricks for more information.

Daniel Day-Lewis starts off with a Trapeze, and you are going to grab either side of the Trapeze and pull the strings apart. Just make sure on both hands you are inserting your fingers from the front, or else the arrangement is not going to work out for this trick. Next, what you are going to do is pull your hands apart to pop the yoyo up, and you are going to land it on this top string, just make sure you pop it to the back of that top string, or else things won’t quite line up the way that you want.

Once you have completed that first hop, your hands will still be pointed towards you. You will see that it makes this Mickey Mouse shape. All you want to do to simplify the mount is just roll your fingers up and then forward. You can see that breaks the string down a little bit easier. Next you are going to roll the yoyo over your opposite hand like this. Then push that hand into these two strings. Notice the two strings, what they are. One is coming off of your yoyo finger, the other one is coming around your yoyo hand. As you push into those strings, what you want to do is insert both of your thumbs in such a way that you can pull back on the string coming around your hand. You don’t want to pull back on the string coming off your yoyo finger. When you do this it will create kind of a box shape, you can look down through it and see the yoyo. That sets you up for the next part of the trick. What you are going to do is hop the yoyo in front of all these strings and land it on the string coming off of your yoyo finger. Since you spread those strings apart, that is going to be a little bit easier to do. Again, just hop it up. Land it on that outside string.

One of the problems you may encounter as you are attempting to land the yoyo on the string coming off of your yoyo finger, is the yoyo might land also on the string coming off the bottom of your yoyo hand. If that does happen you can always rotate your hand a little bit, you see that kicks the string right out. That same rotation of pointing your fingers kind of down, if you do that as you are doing the trick then that tends to keep that bottom string from lining up with the top string, and that way you won’t accidentally do that as you are landing the trick.

From here what you need to do is you are going to pop the yoyo right up through the center of that box that you created and you are going to land it on this back string that is in-between your two thumbs. I think the first instinct most people are going to have is to swing the yoyo back and up, in order to get the string to reject off of the yoyo. If you do that most likely the what is going to happen is this, where you get an extra twist in the string instead of having the yoyo reject off of the string. If you get this, and you are not careful, it can get you a pretty serious knot that will take you a little while to get out of.

What you want to do instead is don’t think about it so much as a rejection, as a hop. You kind of want to move your hands straight up, of course you do want to miss the string so there is going to be a little bit of backward motion. Mostly think about it as a hop that goes up, then the yoyo is going to fall right down into the mount.

So to complete the trick, when you land the yoyo on that last string, you are going to let the string that you initially pulled back with your thumbs, you want that to slide right off of your hands, but you are still going to hold onto some string with your opposite hands. Let me show you what string that is. Remember when we first got here, we inserted our thumbs and pulled back, so that string we are actually going to let drop right off of our hands, but as you can see, as the mount gets a little more complicated, now we have a little hold right here that we can grab onto with our opposite hand. When we get into the last mount we are going to grab onto that string and we are going to let the rest of the string fall off our hands and that gets us into our double GT, which we can then use to exit the trick.

Ideally as you are dropping into the final mount, you are going to let the strings fall off of your hands immediately, and then drop the yoyo right into the double Green Triangle. Sometimes, when you do that the Green Triangle will seem all condensed, and if the strings are too close together it doesn’t even look like a double GT. One thing you can do to make sure that it opens up as wide as possible is when you get to that last part of the trick, even though you are going to drop it immediately, make sure that you drop it off your opposite hand a little bit before your yoyo hand. You can see that opens the string up a lot wider, which will not only make the trick look better, but it will also make the ending a little bit easier.

Once you get into the double GT, obviously, now you need a way to get out. So, what you are going to do is you are going to start grabbing the string up here, kind of the way we did earlier in the trick with the Trapeze. Again, insert your fingers so they point toward you and open the string up a little bit. Then you have this kink right here, you are going to land on the side of the kink where your opposite hand is by popping out the front. At this point in the trick, if you were to let the yoyo slide too much toward your yoyo hand, it could bind. If that is happening to you, that may be what the problem is. Now you are going to exit the Green Triangle by hopping the yoyo toward you. If you you just land onto the trapeze you will see that there is a twist in the string, so what I do to finish off the trick is I do a Jump Rope where the string goes behind the yoyo, over the top, and then in front and back under. It still looks like there is a kink until I point my fingers forward, and now I am into a regular Trapeze. Then I can bind.

Once you have done all of that, you have completed Daniel Day-Lewis.

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