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Learn how to do Yuuki Slack, a slack string yoyo trick.

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Yuuki Slack Yoyo Trick
This is the trick Yuuki Slack, and it looks like this.

This is a Slack Trick, but it is also a Repeater, and with just a few quick tips you will find that this trick is not as difficult as you may think.

First thing to start, since this is a Slack Trick you want to make sure that your string tension is completely neutral – no twist as you let this loop hang off your throw hand. Next thing, since this is a Slack Trick, you want to make sure that you pinch the string. There are many different ways that you can pinch the string in a Slack Trick. For this trick in particular, I prefer to have the string draped over my index finger, in between my first two knuckles, and then pinch with my thumb.

After you have that pinch, you can then begin the trick. What you are going to do, is you are going to swing the yoyo around once and then there will be a slack that carries around. You are going to intercept it with the index finger of your yoyo hand. Now, you will basically be in a Double or Nothing. After that you are then going to pop the yoyo off, then hit the same string on the underside. As you are hitting that string you are then going to let this string go and swing the yoyo around twice. There will be another slack that carries around. After those two swings you can intercept the string again.

From here you are then going to swing the yoyo around your opposite hand, and land back on the string. Once you land it back on the string, you then continue that momentum and swing it around twice again. Then, yet again, there is another slack coming around with the yoyo. After you complete those two swings you then intercept the string again, and now you are essentially back in Double or Nothing. At this point you can then start repeating the trick.

A couple things to note, you will see that I have an extra twist in the string in the Double or Nothing, and in the second half of the trick you will notice that I have two twists in the string. It can be pretty tempting to let go of your pinch, and then undo the twist on either part of the trick, here. You will want to make sure to not do that. Essentially, what is happening in this trick is that when you are swinging it around each time you are adding a twist into the string, and when you swing it the other way the twists then cancel out. So there is no reason to drop the pinch when you are doing this trick.

When you are pinching it here you want to make sure, when you are pinching it, that the yoyo is not too close to your hand, where the slack can barely come around with the yoyo. You also want to pinch it not too far away, either. You don’t want to pinch it too near your other hand to the point where the slack doesn’t even show up. So you want to make sure to find that perfect balance to make sure the slack looks really good as it comes around your hands.

With that, one last thing to note about this trick, is when you are competing the first half of the trick here, the tendency when you grab the slack is the string right here is going to want to get sucked into the yoyo, and end up in an under mount. In order to avoid making that happen you want to, when you are swinging it around the first time, is you want to intercept the string immediately as the slack comes around. As soon as the slack comes around you want to grab it with the string and pull it tight. That way, once this string is out of the way it is then taut, and there is no slack in the string that will  make it, then, get sucked back into the yoyo ending up in that mount again.

That is Yuuki Slack.

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