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How to perform the very manly trick, Chuck Norris’ Beard. 

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Chuck Norris’ Beard Yoyo Trick
It is everyone’s favorite time of year again, that’s right it is No Shave November and we here at YoYoTricks.com want to pay a special tribute to everyone’s favorite phenom of follicle phenominalness by teaching you a trick we like to call Chuck Norris’ Beard. Here is what it looks like.

So to do this you are going to start out by throwing a breakaway. Then you are going to perform an under mount and as the yoyo reaches its peak you are going to do a Redirect to bring the yoyo right back down in front of you. From here you are going to whip the string underneath the yoyo and it forms a loop and you want to take both index fingers and get them underneath the string like this. Then while the yoyo is still in the air from the whip you are going to use your index finger on your throw hand to hook the string around and under the yoyo that will let you end up in a One-and-a-Half mount. So from the One-and-a-Half mount what you are going to do is do a boomerang out to the side and pull it back on this back string and the motion of this is a lot like a redirect so you are going to want to check that video out. From here what you are going to do is you are going to swap your hands by swinging your throw hand on top and then you are just going to bring your throw hand to the side and dump the yoyo out and you are kind of right back to where you started before you got into a One-and-half mount. From here you are going to swing the yoyo in front and move your string behind to set you up for the next part of the trick.

So to complete this trick what you are going to do from here is pop the yoyo up into this front string and cross your hands with your throw hand going underneath and pull out your index finger and you will end up in a Green Triangle like this. When you do this trick what you can do is just roll the yoyo over your throw hand into this front string like that. That is a fine way to end the trick but if you really want it to look as good as possible you want to throw the yoyo up, straight up in the air into that top string and as it reaches its peak you are going to cross your hands and pull your index finger out and land in that Green Triangle. You pop out the front, land in a Trapeze, bring it back to your hand however you like and that is Chuck Norris’ Beard. So heres hoping that you have a wonderful holiday season and by the end of this month you to, like Chuck Norris, have a beard manly enough to grind diamonds into dust. Happy Holidays.

The world’s favorite yoyo trick is Around the Chuck Norris! When lightning sees Chuck Norris it starts to count! Zelda’s favorite game is the legend of Chuck Norris. WHA! Learn this trick or Chuck Norris will roundhouse kick you through a wormhole! And wormholes coincidently can only travel through spacetime by passing through, Chuck Norris!

Chuck Norris wants you to go to YoYoTricks.com and buy the Sage YoYo Pro Pack so you can learn how to do Chuck Norris’ Beard. Actually he never said that. Not that he wouldn’t, I mean if he knew us and he liked yo-yoing he probably would, maybe, he’s so awesome. Chuck Norris! WHAPA!

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