Brian Duncan

'World's Most Famous Yoyo Player'


About Brian Duncan

On Brian teaches both yoyo and kendama, while outside the site he is also a Sensei (or, more properly a Sifu) in Wing Chun Kung Fu, which he teaches a few times a week. He is the main website developer of, and he also programmed the YoYoTricks app for Apple and Android devices. He also has a masters degree in Chinese Medicine, being skilled in both acupuncture and herbology.

In other words, Brian is easily bored, and likes a good challenge.


personal info
  • Name : Brian Duncan
  • Birthday : November 20th, 1990
  • Home Town : Howell, MI
  • Preferred Style : 1A, 3A Yo-Yoing
  • Favorite Yoyos : Canon Yoyo | Ethos Yoyo
    my story

    Adam Bottiglia gave me my first yoyo in 2004 and then taught me the basics. Just 6 months later I started doing yoyo shows with Adam putting my new found skills to good use. When Adam started I helped him film the first tutorials, built the updated web site and app, and began teaching 3a. In 2017 I was introduced by Ben McPhee at the World Yoyo Contest as 'The World's Most Famous Yoyo Player'. It's probably just because of my last name, but I'll take it.

    "Relax." - Brian Duncan

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