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Learn the Step Over Hacky Sack Trick.

Hacky-Sack In This Video:

Step Over Hacky-Sack Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to do the Step Over, which looks like this.

Just like that. This is just a fun trick to add in. You will find a variety of ways that you can do it, but the most basic way is you want to be sure you have your Inside Stall. Once you have done that you are just going to step over and throw the hacky sack up.

The easiest way to practice is just to start by putting the hacky sack on your foot when it is down on the ground like this. Practice stepping over and then lifting your leg up. You want to try to lift the hacky sack so that it comes up in front of you. That way you will be able to practice getting into other kicks. So if I toss it up you can continue on with your other kicks, just like that.

Once you are feeling comfortable with that, you kind of got that down, then you can start putting things together. You start by doing your Inside Stall, slowly lower your foot down, step over, then kick the bag up. Again, if you do it just right you will be able to continue on with kicks or go into other stalls.

That is how you do the Step Over.

There are no hacky-sack tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your hacky-sack.

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