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Learn the Outside Kick Hacky Sack Trick.

Hacky-Sack In This Video:

Outside Kick Hacky-Sack Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to do the Outside Kick, which looks like this.

Just like that. The Outside Kick is just like your Inside Kick, but to the outside. This is the second kick you should be learning with the foot bag, and all the same tips apply. Make sure your foot is level, otherwise the hacky sack will go in crazy directions, and that’s no fun. And, of course, this time instead of lifting the leg inside and turning slightly out, we are going to lift the leg outside and of course it helps if we turn slightly in. That will help you be able to get your leg into just the right spot so your foot is level. That will make the trick a lot easier.

When you do this the most common mistake I see, what a lot of people do is they throw the foot bag too close. They will do the kick something like that. You can see of course it is possible but it feels a little awkward, it feels really tight, and it is just not comfortable. The other thing is that people tend to throw it really far away. They will throw it out and of course their foot is no where near the bag so they have to go chase it.

What you want to do, a good rule of thumb, is you want to bring your elbow into your side and then move your arm out. That’s about exactly the right distance, you will see that my foot and my hand are basically aligned. If I toss it from here and I kick I can hit it pretty much every time. It is a good place to start practicing just with your one leg.

There are a few combinations now that you know an inside and an outside kick. The first one is to just practice with one leg. You can practice an Inside Kick to an Outside Kick. When you do that you are going to kick inside and then outside. Of course it gets a little bit hard to control. It will change the distance, so you are going to have to get used to that. But that is a good first combination with 2 kicks.

The second combination I recommend you learn is going with opposite legs, so with your left leg an inside, with your right leg an outside. Or, of course, the opposite way. When you do that throw the bag up, do your left inside, do your right outside. That gets you right where you need to be. Again, you can practice that one a lot.

The third combination, which is more difficult than the other two, is to do an Outside Kick to an Outside Kick. You go from say your right leg to your left leg – or left leg to right leg. When you do that throw it up and kick then kick. Just like that.

Keep in mind, when you are going combinations, of course you can get better and you can get things in very precise ways. Some guys get to a really high skill. But a lot of times the bag is going to move in different directions so you have got to be ready to move on your feet and meet the bag where it is at. It takes a lot of practice, don’t get frustrated. It is a lot of fun when you start making combinations. 

That is how you do your basic Outside Kick.

There are no hacky-sack tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your hacky-sack.

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