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Learn the Toe Stall Kendama Trick.

Hacky-Sack In This Video:

Toe Stall Hacky-Sack Trick
In this video I am going to teach you how to do the Toe Stall.

Just like that. The Toe Stall is the first stall that you should learn on the foot back because, in my opinion, it is the easiest one to do. To get started you want to make sure you know how to do the Toe Kick, because that is a prerequisite for this. Specifically, if you learn the second version we taught in our video, this is going to build off that.

Where you are going to start is by lifting you leg and you want to pull your toes up so that your foot it flat. Hold that. After you toss the hacky sack in the air it is going to land on the front of your toe. As it lands and comes down you need to cushion it by dropping your foot as the foot bag falls. That is how you are going to make this trick work.

If you just throw the foot bag up and just land it, it can work but it is pretty difficult. A lot of foot bags will just hit and roll off. Especially depending on where they hit. 

The other thing is, depending on what shoes you have the exact placement will be different. For some shoes you want it to land more on the laces, some more on the toe. You are going to have to play around a little bit. What I recommend doing is getting the hacky sack nice and ready, place it on your foot and just where it balances the best. Most shoes there is quite a wide area it can land in. But that is basically all there is.

Of course, once you get good at it you want to put it into play. Go from doing some kicks, drop it into that stall, pop out, get back into your kicks. It is a ton of fun, a great way to add variety to your routine.

That is the Toe Stall.

There are no hacky-sack tricks you need to know before learning this trick with your hacky-sack.

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