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Learn the whip and slack yoyo trick Color 9.

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Color 9 Yoyo Trick
This is the trick Color 9 and it looks like this. So since this trick is almost completely a slack trick you are going to want to make sure that you have almost perfect string tension before you ever attempt the trick and to start we are going to start with a trapeze we are going to dismount off of the trapeze into an under mount and that’s where we are going to begin the first slack. Once you hit the under mount you are going to hit the under mount with your middle finger of your opposite hand and you’re also going to pinch the string with your thumb. Make sure that you don’t use your index finger at all so bring that back in, and you also want to pinch just one string segment that’s draped upon your middle finger. If you pinch both of them the slack that we are going to create next isn’t going to be able to swing out of the yoyo like it should.

So from here we are going to continue swinging the string around your wrist and you are going to swing the yoyo in tandem until it hits into a wrist mount and the timing of the can be pretty tough but if you think of it just like you are performing the same motion as the second whip in our 3 whips to kamikaze mount video that’s the timing that you are going to have the same feeling here and so we are going to break it down into figuring out how to swing the slack first then I will show you how to swing the yoyo into the wrist mount.

So swing the slack you are going to bring the slack around your wrist like this and make sure your thumb is inserted into your wrist and you are going to essentially throw the slack around so that way it lands on your opposite hand like you are doing the bridge whip in our offstring video the bridge whip. That is what the slack is going to do and with the yoyo you are actually going to hold on to the pinch as you enter the under mount and then you are going to continue holding onto the pinch and you are going to swing the yoyo in a nice slow arc that’s going to land into the bottom string in between the two slack parts of your slack loop that you created with your yoyo hand.

So from here you are going want to practice each part of the slack separately and eventually you are going to want to also practice throwing the slack and the yoyo together so that way it lands in the wrist mount but eventually you are going to have to be able to start in the under mount and throw the yoyo into a wrist mount in one smooth slack element. We got plenty of tips to be able to do this part of the trick which is pretty difficult.

The first one is that you are going to slow down as soon as you hit the ‘under’ mount. You will notice that I am not rushing the slack motion here and not trying to get it out of the gap as quickly as possible I am exaggerating my hands a little bit and allowing the slack to slowly fall down almost as if I’m stopping. I am still guiding the slack over so that way I have a little bit of momentum to use so that way I can throw the slack around into the wrist mount.

The next one is that you don’t want to completely do the slack in front of your body like this. You are going to want to have it a little more over to the outside and that will allow the slack that you need to get into the wrist mount to form more nicely. It will just feel a little bit more natural and your hands will be able to move around in a more nicer way and that will get the slack to form more gracefully.

The next one is when you actually try to complete the wrist mount you are going to want to be holding this pinch almost the entire time during this slack. So as soon as I start in the under mount I am swinging this slack over and hitting it in the bridge whip but I am also holding that pinch even as the yoyo is in mid air and I am going to let go of the the pinch pretty much simultaneously when the yoyo lands that bottom string.

One last tip I can give you is when you are bringing the slack around your wrist and getting into the bridge whip is you want to make sure that the string coming from your yoyo finger goes directly across and into the bridge rather than having it wrap around your fingers like this. The way to avoid that is as soon as you are bringing the slack around your wrist you got to be able to bend in your yoyo fingers in and curl them around in such a way that the string segment coming from your yoyo finger here gets around your index finger and that way when you throw it around it will then form the bridge whip and it will make the slack a lot more open and a lot more easier to catch it into the wrist mount.

So once you land that slack into the wrist mount you can then start the second and final slack to this trick. To begin we are going to take our four fingers of our yoyo hand and bring it towards the kink of the wrist mount until you grab onto the string from the outside like this. You don’t want to pinch it with your fingers and make it feel like that you can’t move this string around you want to be able to have it slide in between your fours right behind your knuckles. After you do that you are then going to just pretty do a regular dismount to a wrist mount and after that we are going to let go of the front string of the index finger of your yoyo hand and once you let go of that. That is going to start generating a slack here and that is going to start your second slack once that starts that’s when you are going to start bringing your hands around and once you get the string to about here you can then pop the yoyo off and make them both swing around at the same time and that’s what the first revolution of that slack is going to be.

After that happens you are going to be in the downswing you are going to be slow it on the downswing so that you can swing this around this a second time. Once you swing that around a second time you are going to let go of that pinch and then you are going to re-catch the pinch and perform a jade whip motion. If you haven’t learned follow, knowing follow will make that un-pinch and re-pinch a whole lot easier. Another tip I can give for you in terms of starting the slack is like I said before is you don’t want to pinch with these four fingers so the pinch the entire time is going to happen with your thumb and index on the very top here and when you swing around that’s going to undo the twist that is already in your hand and then you have an easy time swinging this around and that will just undo the knot.

Once you start performing the Jade Whip motion you are then going to have not catch it in a regular Jade Whip but you are going to have to set it up for the Green Triangle. In order to do that it is going to be different motion than the jade whip in a few respects. Number one the knuckles here are not going to be facing in front of you. You are going to be facing your knuckles this way as soon as you grab that string again so that it looks like you are going to punch the other hand. That will allow the string to wrap around the yoyo like this so that way no strings end up in the gap of the yoyo. So once you get it about here the string is going to have a hard time getting up and around the yoyo like this and sometimes the string will accidentally get in the gap so there are a few tips in order to make sure that doesn’t happen. Is number one when you throw that Jade Whip motion its got to feel like you are doing that bridge whip in offstring again. You are going to help separate out that string so that way the inside part is being pushed back by the thumb of your opposite hand and then the outside string is going to be resting on top of the index finger of your opposite hand. That will give you some more separation.

Once you have that separation the next thing that you are going to need to in order to help it get into the gap is to pretty much have this pointer finger next to the yoyo as you are going for the bridge whip. Once that happens you are going to pretty much draw a quarter of the circle like this away from the yoyo and that will generate the slack so that way it have enough to push over and then go in and create a kink and then pulling it away like that will pull the strings tight at the right time. That’s how even if you do swing it past it won’t accidentally swing back through again.

Once that happens and you are into this kink formation here all you are going to do is swing the yoyo up into the middle and swing over your opposite hand like this. A way to help you with that is to keep this thumb on this back string right here and pull it back so that you can separate the strings out and notice that I have the ring the pinky finger here. I am going to stretch that out as well so now I have all three string segments that are going across my hands separated from each other. Once you have that set up you are going to hit the underside of the middle string and once it touches the underside of the middle you are going to pretty much do a fishhook or a half circle type motion underneath the yoyo as soon as it hits. As you do that you are going to be dropping two string segments off your fingers of your opposite hand. The first one is going to be the front string segment that is on the edge of your first finger you are going to be drop that off as soon as it hits the underside of this string. You are also going to drop your thumb off as well so that way its just on your index finger and then you can perform the half circle motion underneath the yoyo, bring it back out and the green triangle will just end up on your index finger.

Once that happens you can just pop out the G.T. out of the front and it should end up in a trapeze. If doesn’t have a perfect trapeze and there is some twists is in it. What probably happened is when you started to do this fishhook motion you curled your index finger in and if that happens to you just try to be a little more disciplined and keep your index finger pointed forward and that will get rid of that problem and the twists will be gone and also when you pop it up make sure you don’t your index finger in either and that will keep the string twisting in check  and that’s how to can dismount the perfect G.T. and that is Color 9.

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