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Learn the Multifarious Whip Yoyo Trick.

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Multifarious Whip Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you the Multifarious Whip with this Summer Solstice yoyo, and it looks like this.

Just like that. Now the Multifarious Whip, it is a combination of the Hook and the Gunslinger, so if you have not already learned the Hook, you probably want to learn that first. It will make this easier. But we will be going over the Gunslinger, because we need to make some adjustments for this trick.

Start by throwing a Breakaway. Take the first finger of your yoyo hand and lift up the string. Then you are going to move your hand in a “C” shape that stops just above the yoyo. It is kind of a slow motion that you are going to do in order to make that whip happen. As you make the “C” pull your hand in slightly towards yourself which will separate the strings so that both strings don’t go into the gap. You want to whip the yoyo with the outside string, that is the string connected to the yoyo.

When you do that, you can see that if you toss the yoyo to the outside, it will cause a bind. You will also notice that the tail portion of the whip is going to be on the outside, the single string is on the inside.

Once you are confident with your Gunslinger, you are now ready for Multifarious Whip.

Start off with the same Gunslinger motion. Make sure to whip your hand very, very close to the yoyo. As the string starts to go around, pull up slightly with your yoyo hand, and what that will do is it will cause this bit of string to whip around even more quickly. Now, what we are going to do is use these two strings, just like we would use a Hook. We are going to insert our finger in-front of those strings, they are going to fold over our finger, and our outside string is going to go into the gap, just like you would see with a Hook.

Now to increase your consistency, make sure you have eliminated all of your string tension when you practice; make sure that you really have your Gunslinger down, and the timing on when you pull up is really crucial. You want to pull up with your yoyo hand right as the string is about to intersect with the first finger on your opposite hand. Make sure you don’t overdo it. You don’t have to pull up a lot, just enough to get the string to kick around a little bit and get the string to go into the gap of the yoyo.

Once you have landed into the Multifarious Whip there are 2 ways you can dismount. The first one is to roll over your opposite hand. This sets you up for a bind. If you remove your first finger on your yoyo hand, you can pinch the string and pull up and it will execute a bind. Or, if you just want to get out, you can always pull your hand right out from under the yoyo. Either way works fine.

Another way you can do it that kind of turns it more into a full trick, instead of just a whip, is to roll over your opposite hand. Then take your first finger on your yoyo hand, push into  this string and roll onto that. You will see that sets you up with a double string over here. If you use your opposite hand to roll into that string twice, and release the string off the first finger of your yoyo hand as you roll into it the second time, you perform a Wormhole, which gets you right back into a Trapeze. Then you can move on to other tricks.

Either way you do it, those are both great ways to get out of it.

That is the Multifarious Whip.

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