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Learn how to do the 1A repeater trick known as Locomotion.

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Locomotion Yoyo Trick
In this video, I am going to teach you the trick Locomotion and it looks like this:

Now, Locomotion starts with a Gorilla or Inverted Trapeze. That looks like this. Now a gorilla trapeze is just the same as a regular trapeze, except for the fact that your non throwhand pointer finger instead of pointing out, is instead pointing in at you. Now the best way to get into a gorilla trapeze is to throw the yoyo in a breakaway just like you would with a regular trapeze, but have your finger pointing towards you. If you find that you miss the string while trying this, just keep the yoyo as close to your non throwhand pointer finger as possible. This is going to help you hit it.

After that, you want to take your throwhand pointer finger and put it underneath the string that is leading to your middle finger. You want to pinch the trapeze loop with your non throwhand pointer finger and thumb. Then you want to whip the slack over your throwhand pointer finger. Then put the slack on the back half of the yoyo, just like this. Now there is a lot of different variations on this mount that you can get into, but only one of them is going to work properly for the trick. To test if you have the correct one you want to take your throwhand pointer finger, drop the loop, and then pull your throwhand out, and you will see that the string comes right off the yoyo. Now if you catch the slack on the yoyo backwards or on the wrong half, or you miss the yoyo entirely, you will see that when you drop your throwhand pointer finger, the string does not come out. So give that test a try and make sure that you have the correct mount.

Once you are in this mount, what you want to do is pinch the trapeze loop that is on your non throwhand pointer finger between your pointer finger and thumb. Then you want to drop the slack loop on your throwhand pointer finger and swing the yoyo between your wrist and your body, just like this. So you want to pinch, swing the yoyo, and as the yoyo is coming over you want to drop the pinch and let the weight of the yoyo pull the string around your pointer finger landing you back into a gorilla trapeze.

If you are having a hard time hitting the gorilla trapeze, I have got a couple of tips for you. The first is to make sure the yoyo is as close to your non throwhand pointer finger as possible, because then the yoyo has to travel less distance, and overall makes hitting the gorilla trapeze much easier. Now the second thing is because you have one hand in a gorilla formation and then the other hand pointing out as normal, it can actually feel a little weird to keep your hands lined up. So you are going to want to be really mindful of that when you are first practicing the trick. Really focus on keeping your non throwhand pointer finger and your throwhand middle finger in line.

Once you have mastered that pinch, whip into the gorilla trapeze, the next thing you want to do is what we just taught you at the beginning of the video. Just putting your throwhand pointer finger under the string and then whipping back onto the back half of the yoyo. So you want to alternate these two steps of pinch and swing into the gorilla trapeze, whip, trapeze, and try to get these two steps down smooth before you move on to actually combining both motions together for the actual trick. To combine these two motions, what we need to do is after we drop our throwhand pointer finger and as we are bringing the yoyo around our non throwhand pointer finger, we need to pinch the string in our non throwhand right as the yoyo lands into the gorilla trapeze. You will see here that leaves a whole bunch of slack in the string leading to your throwhand. So now I can take my throwhand pointer finger, put it underneath the string, and then bring my hands together, giving me the slack loop which is going to go around the back of the yoyo. From here you can just repeat the trick as many times as you want.

Now to dismount, you want to take the yoyo bring it above your throwhand, drop your throwhand pointer finger. Then you will see that you are in an undermount and you can just perform a bind. If you are having a hard time learning Locomotion, I have got some tips for you. The first thing that you want to keep in mind is your string tension. Locomotion adds a whole bunch of string tension to the string. You just want to make sure that you are always working with good, neutral string tension, which is going to help your accuracy a bunch. Another common issue that people have is the slack loop that goes around the throwhand pointer finger is not long enough to make it around the yoyo. If that happens, you just need to hold your hands closer as the slack is coming around. This is going to make it much easier to aim the slack onto the back half of the yoyo. And finally, if you find that the string is landing in weird places that you were not really expecting, that means that you are either not keeping your hands lined up, or you are just well on your way to discovering some new yoyo tricks. And that is Locomotion.

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