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Learn 3 Whip to Kamikaze Mount Yoyo Tricks Variations.

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Whip to Kamikaze Mount Yoyo Trick
In this video I am going to teach you 3 more variations on how to get into the Kamikaze Mount. In each of these I am going to teach you how to whip into the mount. That is the first one that I showed you, you just whip into the mount when the yoyo is on the Trapeze. The second one you whip into it as it is landing onto the Trapeze, just like that. The third one, you just go right from a straight throw whipping into the Kamikaze Mount. The nice thing about these is that they all build on each other, so if you learn them in order that is actually going to help you master the most difficult one, which is the third one.

When you start with the first one all you are going to do, like I said, is you are going to land the yoyo onto the Trapeze and you are going to pinch the string right here with your opposite hand, and that will give you all this slack. Then kind of like in Magic Drop, you are going to roll your thumb and your first finger into the string over here – you don’t actually need your thumb, but it might help you open the string up even more when you actually go for your whip. Once you get your hands into position then what you are going to do with this hand – your yoyo hand – is you are going to actually turn it over, and you can see that actually kind of gets a little bit of the whip going, and at the same time you are going to create basically a half-circle with your hand as it moves towards the yoyo, just like that. You can see I get a lot more action out of the string when I do that.

When you are looking at the yoyo from the side and you are whipping the string. What you are going to do is you are going to whip this string on the outside into the back-half of the yoyo. As you are practicing this trick, you are going to be doing it wrong a lot. So if you ever end up in a mount that is not exactly the Kamikaze Mount that usually means that you whipped the wrong side of the string into the mount, or maybe you whipped the yoyo on the front-half instead of the back-half. You will actually end up getting pretty familiar with the types of mistakes that you will make. Eventually you will get it down and you will be able to hit the mount the right way most of the time.

Once you have pretty well mastered this first variation where you whip into it while it is on the Trapeze, the next thing that you want to try is whipping into it while the yoyo is on the Trapeze. One thing that you may have noticed me doing is I tend to do Pinwheels before I attempt this mount and that allows me to slow the yoyo down just a little bit to give me a little bit more time to attempt it and hit the yoyo just like that.

When I was first working on this one, and I know this was true of other players as well, when you are working on this one – and even on the first one – when you do the whip your hand often gets really close to the yoyo which helps you be a little bit more consistent. With this one when the yoyo is coming towards you a lot of times you are going to really crack your hand into the yoyo. It is not a bad idea to work on it with a plastic yoyo. That will help make the pain not be quite as bad.

With this one it is really just the exact same mount. It is going to take a little time to get used to holding the tension on the string while the yoyo is coming towards you. You want to land the yoyo on the string at the same time that you hit it with the whip. Just like that. That can take some getting used to as you practice it. A lot of times you are going to miss the whip, a lot of times you are going to miss the Trapeze. That can take a really long time. Don’t worry about it, it is all just part of mastering this part of the trick.

When you get to the third part of this where you are actually going to whip right from a basic throw, all you are really doing is you are going to whip the string around the yoyo twice, and you are going to build the previous 2 whips as you whip the string around. The first time you whip it, all you are going to do is get your opposite hand into the string just like this. Once that string is in there you are going to come around with the second whip and whip the string into the yoyo. So you can see one whip, and then the second whip is a little bit smaller. That really hits the yoyo right there at the end. Just like the second variation that we showed you, the whip goes around it at almost the same time the yoyo is landing on the string.

That one, again, can take a whole lot of practice. One thing that will happen as you are working on it, is the string might often fall off your first finger. What I recommend doing is don’t put your thumb in it when you are doing this particular one, just put your first in and actually just hook with that finger the whole time that you are doing the whip. If you do that the way that it will end up working out is you will whip the string around it 2 times, and if you are hooking it that string won’t fall out, and as you go in for the second time, right when you hit the yoyo with the string that’s when you point your first finger forward. If you do it with that timing you will be able to control the string and get it right into the yoyo.

As you can see these are pretty nice tricks, and if you just keep working on them you can build up more consistency with each one until you can master the last one. Those are Whips into the Kamikaze Mount.

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