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Supercharger is one of Jake Elliott’s original yoyo string tricks which utilizes a Yuuki Slack, Ripcord, Trapeze and his Brother Slack, and a cool whip to finish the trick.

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Supercharger Yoyo Trick
In this video, I am going to teach you the trick Supercharger, and it looks like this:

Supercharger starts with a Trapeze. Then from here we are going to perform the first element of Yuuki Slack. You want to pinch the trapeze loop with our opposite hand thumb and pointer finger. Swing the yoyo over to our throwhand side. Bring the slack around the back of our hand, and catching the slack loop with our throwhand pointer finger. From here we are going to do a Ripcord. We are going to swing the yoyo over our throwhand pointer finger, landing on both strings. Then we want to swing the yoyo over again. While the yoyo is coming over, we want to drop this loop on our opposite hand pointer finger. We are going to land in a Trapeze and his Brother. From here, we want to take the bottom three fingers on our throwhand and wrap them around the string leading from our middle finger so that we can help get that back string out of the way. From here we want to take our throwhand thumb and pinch the string on our throwhand pointer finger. Then we are going to do a trick that looks a lot like the Trapeze and his Brother Slack. But, we are going to intersect the strings as the yoyo is coming back down. To break that down in greater detail, as the yoyo is coming around during the slack, we want to take our opposite hand pointer finger and put it to the throwhand side of these two strings leading to the yoyo. You will see as these two strings are directly up, I am taking my opposite hand pointer finger, putting them to the throwhand side, and I am pulling my hands apart in such a way that the yoyo lands between my two hands.

As you are working on this element, if you are having some trouble I have some tips for you. The first is that as you are performing this slack element, you want to make sure to take your throwhand and turn it palm down. You see here that the string goes over the back of my throwhand. I can actually take my throwhand thumb, put it underneath this top string and pull it back. That is going to help set me up for the next element of the trick. The other tip that I have for your is, right after your opposite hand pointer finger comes in contact with these two strings, you actually want to let go of the pinch on your throwhand. If you do not, you will see that the mount can not slide apart. As soon as you let go of that pinch, it all takes shape.

From here, the next element looks like this, and there is actually a lot going on here so we are going to break this down in greater detail. The first thing that you want to do after you catch the slack element is take your opposite hand and take it palm up so that your bottom three fingers are inside of the mount, just like this. Then you want to take your opposite hand thumb, hook it over top of this top string that is leading from your throwhand, and pull it back until it is in your opposite hand palm. From here, we want to hop the yoyo up just a little bit so that we can whip the slack into the yoyo. We want to take our throwhand pointer finger, drop the loop, and at the same time, pull our throwhand out toward our throwhand side, and turn our opposite hand over, just like that.

If you are having a hard time hitting that element, the way that this all works mechanically, is that turning your opposite hand over from palm straight up to palm straight down, is what controls the slack of the yoyo. So if you find that you are missing the yoyo with the slack, you want to focus on what you are doing with your opposite hand. If you find that the slack is not making it all the way around to the yoyo, then you want to focus on pulling your throwhand out harder. So, the throwhand is what gives the slack enough power to move all the way around the yoyo. Now, because there is so much going on at one time with this element, it might take you some practice before you can hit it consistently. But, just remember that all you need to do is hop, flip, and pull. Now from here, you want to take the yoyo, swing it toward your opposite hand side, you will see that you are in an undermount. So you can either perform a bind right here, or bring your hands together, swing the yoyo up toward your throwhand side, pull your throwhand down, and bind with style. And that is Supercharger.

In this video, I am going to teach you the trick Supercharger, and it looks like this. <click>. <click>.

Just remember that all you need to do is hop, flip, and pull. And that will make sure that you hit it every time.

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