Making the Best Yoyo Video Website Better


Making the Best Yoyo Video Website BetterWhile you have been eagerly awaiting more yoyo videos (don’t worry, they’re coming) we have been hard at work behind the scenes to improve your YoTricks experience. Here are a few of the highlights:

Special Offers Email Subscription. Sign up to receive emails from once or twice a month letting you know about upcoming deals and important news. Use the Special Offers link on the top of the page.

New Welcome Video. We finally released a new Welcome to video that explains many of the new features we have added to the site.

HD Yoyo Trick Videos added to New HD Yoyo Videos. We have re-rendered all our videos in HD to make the best yoyo videos online even better. Just click the HD button on any trick or category page and you will be in YoTricks HD.

Extra Yoyo VideosBlue Numbered Indicators in the Sidebar. For a long time we have been adding additional videos to our tricks that can only be accessed in the main player. Now, in the sidebar we alert you to the presence of additional content with these blue numbered buttons. This number tells how many extra videos (besides the main trick video) you can view for this trick. Often the extra video is a Short Form video which shows a close up view of the trick without an explanation. The short form videos are especially useful if you are working on a trick and you just want to see the trick over and over again. In the future we intend to add many additional types of videos like trick variations and additional tips we may have left out of the main video.

TShow Related Yoyo Videos.o access the additional videos, just click the blue plus button on the player. If there are no additional videos for a trick this blue button will not appear.

No More Sidebar Videos. As you may have noticed we have been experimenting with the best and fastest way to give you, our users, access to our videos. Now on all the trick and category pages all the yoyo videos load in the main player, instead of playing in the sidebar. This give you access to all the additional video content (such as short form videos, trick variations, etc.), as well as the video transcripts for each trick without loading a new page.

Those are just a few of the many changes that have gone on under the hood. Give us some feedback in the comments to let us know how these new features are (or are not) working out for you. Enjoy!

YoTricks App Update: Now works on all iOS devices


Yoyo Trick Learning App by YoTricks.comAn update to the YoTricks App for Apple iOS devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad) has just been released in the App Store. This update fixes a few bugs, adds our store to the app, and – most importantly – it allows the app to work on all iOS devices.

If you have tried to download the app before and experienced crashes, or if the app would not load on your device, this update should fix that problem.

While this update was primarily to allow all iOS users to use the app, our partners at Archaic Software are still hard at work developing new features for a future release. We will let you know when that update hits the App Store, but for now download the app and let us know how your experience goes. Feel free to post any thoughts or questions in the comments on this post, or as you rate the app in the App Store.

Free shipping in April on orders over $25


Rainy Yoyo DayWith all the rain due this April here in the States (and snow!!!) we thought we would offer a little something to help take the edge off all that time spent indoors waiting for the weather to clear and Summer to come. For the whole month of April we are offering free shipping on all orders over $25. So if you have been waiting to start your two-handing, or to begin learning unresponsive yoyoing now is the time. Top off your purchase with 100 strings (yes, you can order strings by the 100 – just $12) or a hat or shirt and you are ready to go.

(Not available for international orders. If you are an international customer and would like to place an order please contact us and we will help you process your order.)

The Commercial that Started it all


In case you hadn’t seen this yet, here is the commercial that was produced to advertise the Peter Fish line of yoyos when they were first released. Enjoy!

More Videos Coming


Ripcord Yoyo TrickIt has been some time since we added new tricks to In that time we have been working under the hood to make the site more streamlined, besides releasing the YoTricks app for the iPhone. While we are still working diligently on those fronts we are finally ready to get back to what this site is all about, the tricks.

We have already recorded several new tricks which we will be releasing over the next couple of weeks. The ripcord is already live, as you may have noticed, but continue to check back to see all that we have in store.

Pacific Northwest Regionals 2011


The Pacific Northwest Regional Yoyo Competition was this past Saturday, and I was pleased to take part. As in years past, the local news did a brief story on the competition. However, unlike news clips they have run in past, they got a bit of yoyo philosophy in this story. In fact, the reasons for yoyoing that Justin Cronin describes in this clip were so compelling I thought you might like to hear for yourselves.
On a side note, if you have yet to attend a local yoyo competition, they are tons of fun and a great place to meet yoyoers and learn new tricks. If you’re interested in finding a contest to attend checkout the Yoyo Contest website for details.

YoTricks App Day 1


Postive Reviews for the YoTricks AppThe app has been in the app store for one day and we are quite pleased with the results. So far we have had more downloads than expected, and a full third of those downloads have come from users outside the United States. The reviews in the app store have been positive overall, as you can see from this screen shot taken on my iPod Touch. Whoever Green Ostrich is, that person really seems to like the app. Said it changed their life . Glad we could be of assistance.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the app so far and has been helping us spread the word. If you have not logged on to review the app yet please do so as this will help us gain ranking in the app store.

If you have any comments about the app feel free to make them here. We are aware that some users are experiencing crashes. This has been remedied in every case we have become aware of by updating the iOS software on the device. Let us know your experiences in the comments, as well as any additions that you think might make the app better. Thanks!

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