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Follow YoTricks on has just setup a fan page on Facebook. Currently this page is just a feed of our new content as it comes in, but we hope to expand this in the future to utilize many of the powerful social networking features of Facebook. For now, click on the Facebook logo to become a fan of YoTricks on Facebook and this will keep you up to date with everything that’s happening on Let us know if you have any suggestions for features we could add to YoTricks or our Facebook account to help this site continue to get better and better.

The Illuminator Is In


The Illuminator yo-yoThe Illuminator is now on sale exclusively at After last week’s announcement that we had yo-yos for sale we received a number of emails asking about the Illuminator. Today we are pleased to announce that we now have Illuminators in stock and they are available for immediate purchase from our shop.

The Illuminator is a clear Luminator yo-yo with multicolored lights on each side. The perfect yo-yo for performing or just showing off.

Yo-yos are (finally) here!


Yo-yos for sale on YoTricks.comAfter much waiting now has yo-yos for sale. We currently have Originators, Dominators, and Luminators in stock. We are still waiting on a few tweaks on the Illuminators but we hope to receive those soon as well. Currently our store only works for US customers. If you live outside the US use our contact page to send us an order and we will get back to you through email with the shipping costs so we can complete the transaction.

In addition, look for new mod and product videos on to be showing up in the next week or two. We have already filmed a number of videos and are in the process of preparing them for viewing.

Best looping yo-yos in the Northwest


The Dominator - best looping yo-yos in the NorthwestOn Saturday the Dominators proved their worth by putting on a great show at the Pacific Northwest Regional yo-yo competition. In the hands of Adam Bottiglia the Dominators rose to take third place in the 2A championship division for two-handed yo-yoing. The first and second positions were taken by Grant Johnson and Ryan Lai who were both competing out of region. By taking third place in the competition and first among regional competitors Adam was granted the seed to compete at the National yo-yo competition later this year.

New Video Player


Testing a new video playerOur hope at is to give you the most accessible and powerful yo-yo trick learning experience on the web.

Recently, we were excited when our friends at Freshly Brewed Web Design suggested a new video player which offers greater functionality than our current player. This new functionality has the potential to give expression to many of the ideas that have been simmering in our minds for some time. For example, this new player gives us the flexibility to add several related videos to a single post without muddying the look and feel of the site. Using this one feature we could add trick variation videos, trick histories, trick ladders and more. In our testing we have also found that this player loads faster and works with greater consistency than the player we now use.

We hope your experience with this new player is as positive as ours. We have currently posted one video with this player, and over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing more videos in this player as well. Let us know what you think and look for new features to be added to future videos.

Yo-yo at Walgreens


Peter Fish yo-yos at Walgreens

Peter Fish yo-yos have been sighted in the wild! This picture was taken at a Walgreens in Portland, OR today showing a display with Originators, Dominators, and Luminators alongside the Zrang airplanes. On the video monitor you can see a short commercial for the yo-yos that shows me doing a few one and two-handed tricks. Checkout the Walgreens in your area and leave us a comment if you find any of our yo-yos.

Happy New Year from


May your year be filled with... yo-yosHere at we want to welcome you into 2010. We have a lot of plans for the new year to take the best place online to learn yo-yo tricks and make it even better.

As you probably already know, already offers a great video-driven user experience for learning new skills. Besides all the tricks being conveniently organized into major trick categories, the tricks are always arranged in order of difficulty to make it easy to find new tricks to learn. In addition to this we hope in 2010 to add a new trick ladder functionality. The trick ladder is a series of tricks used in competitive yo-yo play. We will combine our great videos with an easy to navigate  system to help you master these competitive tricks.

Early in 2010 we will also be bringing you yo-yo specific modifications to help you push your yo-yos to the next level. These mods will come with video instructions and mod-kits that you can order from our store. Right now we are putting the finishing touches on several great mods that we hope our users will take, use, and even improve upon.

All this year we will keep you up to date on new yo-yo releases, competitions we will be attending, new video releases, and much more.

So, from all of us at, we hope you have a great year and that it is full of joy and plenty of yo-yoing.

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