October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month – Final Week

Help Us Find Those Spooky Bugs

Find bugs on the YoTricks websiteIt’s the last day of Help Make YoTricks Awesome® Month, and in honor of Halloween, we thought we would talk about something we’re all scared of…..bugs!

At YoTricks, we do our best to update and maintain the website to make the yoyo learning experience as good as possible. Still, we know fans of the site use YoTricks more than we do so you may be aware of some of those spooky bugs that are hiding in the dark that have missed our attention.

Have you seen a product that looks in stock that YoTricks won’t let you purchase, links that take you to the wrong place, typos, or any other critter we might not expect? If you know of bugs on the website, or if you ever experience problems on the site, be sure to send us an email or contact us on Facebook or YouTube to let us know.

Thanks for all your help during Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month and Happy Halloween!
Yoyo on Halloween

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