New Yoyo Release and Civility Yoyo Update


This week we have a lot of exciting news! We just launched a new starter yoyo, exclusive to (just in time for Christmas), and we have an update on the coming release of the Civility yoyo.

New Yoyo Release – The Sage


In July 2013 we here at YoTricks received the sad news that the Luminator yoyo we had used to teach most of our tricks had been discontinued. In hope of creating a new flagship starter yoyo, we contacted YoYoFactory to see if they could replace the Luminator for us. We wanted a yoyo that was inexpensive, played great and easy with no modifications, but could easily be modified to handle more difficult Unresponsive Tricks.

With our combined knowledge and vision, and YoYoFactory produced The Sage. Like the Luminator before it, the Sage Yoyo is easy to pick up and play. It comes with a thin bearing, for responsive play, but can easily be modified with a Center Trac bearing for unresponsive play.

The Sage is available on its own, or in a Yoyo Starter Pack (recommended for new players) and Yoyo Pro Pack (for players ready to take the leap into more advanced tricks).

Civility Yoyo Update

Civility Yoyo available at in January 2014As many already know, it had been our hope to launch the Civility Yoyo in July or August of 2013. Due to a mistake in the manufacturing, however, this was not possible and we had to remake all the yoyos.

We are now excited to announce that the Civility will be available on sometime in January 2014. As soon as the Civility is made available to our customers we will notify you through our website, our newsletter, our YouTube channel, and on Facebook.

2013 Holiday Yoyo Buyer’s Guide – Honorable Mentions


Earlier this week, we posted a video for the 2013 Holiday Yoyo Buyer’s Guide. Check it out to see our top picks for 5 different types of yoyo players.

In addition to our top 5, we have some other yoyos we feel are just as good but didn’t fit into our buyer’s guide categories as well. So, here are our 2013 Holiday Yoyo Buyer’s Guide honorable mentions.

Velocity Yoyo by YoyoFactory

Velocity Yoyo by YoYoFactory - Honorable MentionThe Velocity is without a doubt our most popular yoyo. It has a super good reputation, and it is one of few yoyos that can take you from starter to advanced tricks.

If you are thinking about the Velocity, we highly recommend you get the Velocity Yoyo Starter Pack that comes with YoTricks Thin Yoyo Lube which will help protect the bearing for extended play.

Dark Magic 2 by YoYoJam

Dark Magic 2 Yoyo by YoYoJam - Honorable MentionPossibly no yoyo online has a better reputation than the Dark Magic 2. This yoyo just barely got beat out for our Buyer’s Guide Video by the newly released Shutter, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer.

The Dark Magic 2 is the yoyo for anyone. It comes with a thin bearing for starter play and a wide bearing for the most advanced yoyo tricks, making it one of the most dynamic yoyos we sell.

Glide by Yomega

Glide Yoyo by Yomega - Honorable MentionThe Glide is our most affordable high-end metal yoyo. It ships with a concave bearing, plays great, and is one of the best choices available for off axis tricks and grinds. The quality and performance of this yoyo is the yoyo world’s best kept secret.

October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome® Month – Final Week


October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month – Final Week

Help Us Find Those Spooky Bugs

Find bugs on the YoTricks websiteIt’s the last day of Help Make YoTricks Awesome® Month, and in honor of Halloween, we thought we would talk about something we’re all scared of…..bugs!

At YoTricks, we do our best to update and maintain the website to make the yoyo learning experience as good as possible. Still, we know fans of the site use YoTricks more than we do so you may be aware of some of those spooky bugs that are hiding in the dark that have missed our attention.

Have you seen a product that looks in stock that YoTricks won’t let you purchase, links that take you to the wrong place, typos, or any other critter we might not expect? If you know of bugs on the website, or if you ever experience problems on the site, be sure to send us an email or contact us on Facebook or YouTube to let us know.

Thanks for all your help during Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month and Happy Halloween!
Yoyo on Halloween

October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month Week 2


October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month – Week 2

This is Week 2 of Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month. This week we are going to highlight some ways that you can help make better through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media sites.

Week #2 – Help us be social

YoTricks Like Us On FacebookFollow Us

The first way to help out YoTricks through social media is make sure that you like our Facebook Page, follow us on Instagram, follow us on Google+, and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. Following us on these different websites is a great way to stay up to date with the latest videos and news from

Don’t Forget to Share

If you like our videos, don’t forget to share them with your friends. Sharing our videos and products helps more people to learn about YoTricks and enjoy our great videos.

You can share our videos by liking our posts and videos on Facebook, Instagram, Google+, and YouTube. You can also use “share” buttons on Facebook and YouTube to share videos on your own accounts.

In addition, we have built in tools on that let you share videos, news articles, and products without leaving the YoTricks’ website. These sharing tools are found below videos and in the product descriptions.

October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month


October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month – Week 1

Help Make AwesomerThis year has been awesome! Besides some great improvements to the website and iOS app, most weeks we have been able to post 1-2 new trick videos, and have added Connor and Chrissy to the YoTricks team. We have even become the most popular dedicated yoyo channel on YouTube (based on subscribers)!

But, with your support YoTricks can become even more awesome, dare we say… AWESOMER!

October is Help Make YoTricks Awesome(r) Month. Each week we will be detailing a different way that you can help spread the word about YoTricks. The more people who know about and actively use the site, the more time we can invest to make it better than ever!

#1 – Write About YoTricks

One of the best ways you can make awesome(r) is to write about it. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

First, if you have a website or a blog, write an article about YoTricks. Writing about how you got into yoyoing, or how our videos helped you learn is a great place to start. Be sure to provide a link in the article to Also, if you mention a trick or two, feel free to embed our YouTube videos to help explain the tricks.

Second, think about writing an article on yoyoing for your school newsletter. Our website has a lot of information that can help you put together a great article, and you can mention that our website is a great place to get started learning tricks and to pick up yoyo supplies. You can also recommend our iOS app to help people learn how to yoyo on the go!

To help you as you write, members of the YoTricks Team are available for interviews and would be happy to answer questions you might have about yoyoing, YoTricks, or ourselves. Just send us an email through the YoTricks contact page with a few questions and a brief description of what you are working on. You can also check out each team member’s bio page for information on them. Links to a player’s bio page can be found above any trick video featuring that player on YoTricks.

Finally, once you’ve found a place to write about YoTricks, let us know about it. We’d love to take the time to thank you on our Facebook page and we may even feature it in our upcoming newsletters!

Connor Scholten’s 1st Place Performance


Connor Scholten’s 1st Place Performance

Connor Scholten performing at Grand Rapids Got Talent 2013 team member, Connor Scholten, took first place in the adult division at the 2013 Grand Rapids Got Talent. Connor was one of 26 different acts that performed, and winners were chosen by a panel of judges along with public voting.

We were able to find a video of Connor’s performance, shot with a cell phone camera, and we uploaded it to our website. You can watch the video here, be sure to check out his amazing final trick! Also, you can read more about the competition and Connor’s performance in an article on

Learn to Yoyo From Connor and get the ReXtreme Yoyo

Rextreme Yoyo by Yoyo JamIn his performance, Connor used the ReXtreme Yoyo, the most highly recommended Offstring yoyo on In addition, if you are interested in learning how to do Offstring yoyoing, you can check the Offstring section on our website. It includes a number of videos to help you get started with offstring, many of which feature Connor Scholten.

New Website Features


Website Updates and New Features

We have been busy the past couple of weeks making all kinds of updates to the website. Most of the updates we have made recently have been to the backend of the website and isn’t noticeable on the front-end to our users. We have, however, added a few new features to the site that make browsing YoTricks even better than before. We’ve highlighted these new features below.

Yoyo Trick of the Day

Yoyo Trick of the Day

One of our favorite features we added to the website in the past couple of weeks is the Yoyo Trick of the Day section on the homepage.

We designed the Yoyo Trick of the Day as a way to feature one yoyo trick everyday from any play style and difficulty. We thought this would help users find videos they haven’t seen before and introduce the many styles of play to users that may have been unaware of them.

The videos featured in this section change everyday at around midnight EST and are selected at random. So, be sure to check back everyday to see what the new Yoyo Trick of the Day is!

New Yoyo Tricks Page

Yoyo Tricks Page

The Yoyo Tricks Page is one of the most visited pages on the entire website. We felt that the old Yoyo Tricks page wasn’t very user friendly and didn’t make much sense as far as what tricks to learn and where to go depending on your skill level.

Because of this, we have completely redesigned the Yoyo Tricks Page and made it into an information hub for all the different styles of yoyoing including information on what each style is and what yoyo is best for learning that style.

If you have any questions on what yoyo to get to start learning or where you should start, check out the new Yoyo Tricks Page for all the answers you need!

Recommendations for Out of Stock Products

What Should I Get InsteadSince the Luminator is no longer being made, we have been receiving a lot questions asking what yoyo one should get instead. So, we decided to develop a feature to tell users what product we recommend as an alternative to an out of stock product.

If you come across a product that is out of stock, just look for the green button that says “What Should I Get Instead” and a window will appear displaying the recommended product with a detailed explanation as to why we recommend that product as an alternative.

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